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yes it's just moodswings which you get during puberty =)hope you feel better ;)

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2020-10-26 01:23:02

Thank you so much honestly I’m 15 and a half and just for a about a week ago I just feel so sad and this is nothing like me and it’s like for no reason at first i thought it was the quarantine but I hope it passes now I’m not paranoid about it 

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Is it normal to feel sad constantly?

That depends on what you mean by constantly. It also depends on how sad you feel. If you go into deep periods of depression, where you can't even smile or talk, that's not good, and you should talk to your doctor, or parent right away. If you are feeling sad everyday, you should try to figure out why you're feeling that way. If you can't figure out why you're feeling that way, then you should talk to someone you trust about the way you're feeling. It is normal to feel sad sometimes, but it is not normal to feel sad all of the time. Hope you take my advice and feel better! :)

Why do you randomly get sad some times?

To get sad is natural! Some times are hormones, sometimes something you do not feel good with. I sometimes feel the same and for no reason I cry but it is natural to feel like that.

Why do I keep crying for no reason I don't feel sad or depressed and I am not pregnant?

Spike in estrogen levels for some reason?

Why would you feel sad about hate?

Because you care about humanity. It's normal, and good.

What does it mean if you feel grief?

To feel grief is to be unhappy or sad. If you feel grief, you are capable of feelings, and it means that you are a normal, healthy human being.

Why do i feel so sad and depressed for no reason?

If there is no reason then the question cannot be answered There is always a reason for everything it is just that we as person just hide the main reason.

How can you feel sad again?

Do you mean that you want to feel sad again, or that you do feel sad again and wonder why?

Is it normal to feel sad that you failed a class?

Yes! It is very normal to be sad if you fail anything really. Don't be depressed about though it's not the end of the world. Just keep trying and do your best!

What would you do and how would you feel if you faced in a disaster like Japan?

i would feel sad sad sad sad sad sad terrified and scared

What does meloncaly mean?

Melancholy is a term used to describe someone who feels sad for no reason. They are unhappy, sad, desolate, or mournful and they cannot tell you why they feel this way.

Why are you always sad upset for no reason is it depression?

That is a sign of depression - its normal to have those days, but its not if you have lots of those days...

How did evacuees feel?

sad at first but then sad and sad or happy.

What is a reason to be sad?

It could be anything. Usually its when something goes wrong, or you lose someone or something. When you feel sad, it feels like there is a pang in your heart, and you don't feel like moving or doing anything. Good luck!

Why you sad?

Everybody can be sad for a different reason.

I dont no if im deppressed im 12 years old and always sad and cant enjoy thr thing i usually do without being sad i feel really bad help?

dude, im in exactly the same position as you. im 12 and always feel sad. but i feel sad because i always get in trouble at school. heres what i do when im sad or depressed. think about happy things - (there has to be something you like) when your doing something, dont let bad memories, your sadness or anything distract you. forget about why your sad if there is no reason of why you are sad, try and figure out why because if your sad for no reason you'll stay sad your whole life. and you dont want that... hope this helped, cus it sure has been helping me.

Is it normal to feel sad when you realize your best friend forever was only a best friend for now?

Yes it is normal to feel sad at this situation, but this happens often with younger people. You will have lots of time throughout your life to meet good friends and will have a very loyal and trusted friend one day in the future.

What is something to feel sad upon?

somthing to feel sad upon is when your soul mate doesn't feel for you anymore

What does being sad do to your body?

Makes you feel sad.

How does Katniss feel about rue's death?

She feels very sad... :(

Do you feel sad for Bess in the highwayman poem?

yes...... the poem made me feel really sad =(

How do sad poems make us feel?

Sad poems make people feel melancholy.

Can a cat feel sad?

yes. pretty much any living creature can feel sad!!

Would you feel happy or sad if you were feeling melancholy?

Sad. Melancholy means sad.

What does bored mean?

Bored means you have lost interest, you have nothing to do, your tired, you need to have fun or you just feel angry or sad for no reason

Why do I feel sad?


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