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Is it normal for a teenage boy to have a diaper fetish?



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Scientifically yes. Having a diaper fetish is normal. It's just part of your personality of who you are. Minimum = few amount of people say no and think it's disgusting and think of you as a pedophile just because you wear a diaper. Others say yes it is normal there are lower no's than yes's about this question but most likely yes. A diaper fetish is normal a fetish for something is normal period. Most boys on the planet like having a diaper fetish but people always attend to correct there personality while they should be proud of the person who they are. So basically yes this is normal for anyone to have a fetish. Go ahead go for it if you call your kid or anyone a freak go to a therapist and ask them they'll probably be suspicious though if they ask a certain question like "why do you have one?" they will most likely say yes. Kids always are the ones to hide their fetish and you should ask them if they have one if they do. Stay calm don't freak out having a fetish is normal. Here's a trick if you hear a crinkle when ever someone walks that most likely means they are either wearing 1) A pull up. or 2) A diaper. There are many many ways to get the answers out of someone. If your kid studiers or if a person studiers if you ask them this question then that most likely means they do. Also a diaper ring is always showing depending on the size you get. Notice asking someone if they wear diapers normally doesn't work all the time. Instead if you ask it might be different and make it seem like you're the one who has the diaper fetish. Also anyone could have a diaper fetish at any age. There is no telling who has a fetish and who does not have a fetish. How ever yes it is normal.