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It depends on how tall you are or how tall you will be

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Would it be wrong if a 11yearold boy daing a 12 year old girl?


Is 145 pounds a normal weight for a 13 year old boy who is 5'11?

yes, as he gets taller, he will weigh more because his weight will evenly distribute throughout his body

Is 13.6 a good time for an 11yearold boy on 100m?

That is exceptional, your the next Usain Bolt!

Is it normal for an 12 year boy to weigh 155?


Is 145 pounds considered overweight for a 13 year old boy?

145 pounds is considered normal and healthy for someone who stands 6 feet tall. If the 13 year old boy is that height then they are normal but if they are shorter than that, they are overweight.

What is the normal weight for a 13 year old boy if he is 170 cm tall?

Approximately 145-155 lbs.

What should a 5'7 16 year old boy weith?

A 5' 7" 16 year old boy should weigh anywhere from 125 to 145 pounds.

Who much should a 5 ft 4in 12 year old-boy weigh?

The normal weight for a boy who stands 5 feet 4 inches tall should be between 110 pounds to 140 pounds. The child is considered overweight if they are between 145 pounds and 169 pounds.

What is the correct weight for a boy 6yrs old and 106cm tall?

Well it dupinds how much you weigh if you weigh 56 pounds that is to low if it is 66 pounds that is normal if you way over90 pounds that is not normal.

What is the normal weight of a 17 months old baby boy?

It depends: If it is a normal obese baby boy, he would probably weigh upwards of 100 pounds... If it was a normal anorexic baby boy, he might way 5-10 pounds... If it was a normal baby boy, he would be a prodigy child... I inspire to be a prodigy child when I grow up.

What is the average weight for an athletic 13 year old boy?

Probably around from 135 pounds to 145 pounds, I'm fit and i weigh 135 pounds

Is it normal for a ten year old too weigh 129?

my little boy is 11 and he weighs 152

How much should a 12 year old weigh whos 5'5 and big boned About 170 and between 180?

125 to 140 if its a girl. And 145 to 160 if its a boy

Is 5'8 and 145 over weight for a boy?


What is a healthy weight for a 12 year old boy?

i am 12 and 5'8, i weigh 175 pounds, i think that is normal

Is it normal to be an active 12-year-old and weigh 110 pounds?

==Answer= What gender you are man. If you are a boy it is normal i guess but if you are a girl you should loose a pound

Is it normal for a 14 year old boy who is 5'5 to weigh 133?

It depends on body structure. You are not overweight or underweight. you are in the middle.

Is it bad for a 10 year old boy to weigh 70 pounds?

That depends on what the doctor thinks, but in my opinion that is completely normal.

How much should a 5 yr old boy weigh?

If they are normal height than probably around 60 pounds

How much should an boy 4'11 weigh?

A normal boy that tall should be about bettween 85 and 110 so basicly 85 and down underweight 85 - 110 normal 120-130 fat 140 and up obese

What is the normal weight for a 15 year old boy?

It depends on the size of the 15 year old boy but if he's average Height 5,5 - 5,11 should be around 120 - 145 lbs is a good weight average.

How much should a 12 year old boy weigh at 65 inches?

My guess Would be 170 -180 would be obese for his height. possibly 135-145 is a good weight

Is 250 lb obese for a 13 year old boy?

Yes. Depending on height, weights between 90 and 145 pounds are in the normal range for 13 year olds.

Does a heart rate of 145 at 33 weeks determine whether the baby is a boy or girl?

Its boy

You weigh 5 stone 8 ozs you are a 10 year old boy is this underweight and your height is 4 ft 6 inches?

The normal height and weight for a 10 year old boy should be a height of 51 inches. The normal weight for this boy should be around 77 pounds.

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