Is it normal for ingrown hairs to bleed?

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What is the purplish pimple you have on your leg?

I'm no expert, but whenever I have them they are ingrown hairs caused by shaving (although you can get ingrown hairs if you don't shave,too). I find that when I exfoliate more frequently after shaving, I have fewer ingrown hairs.

Do ingrown hairs sometimes itch?

yes a symptom of ingrown hair is itching

If ingrown hairs grow under your skin can they come out?

Eventually, all ingrown hairs will come out. Some ways to speed it up would be to exfoliate daily the area that has the ingrown hairs. Also, try a steam bath / shower. This opens up the follicales.

Will teabags help ingrown hair?

Some people think that teabags do help with ingrown hairs. Some people do not think that teabags help with a ingrown hair.

Is zits or ingrown hairs in the lower area a sign of hiv's?


Do ingrown hairs just go away?

no be you and get medical treatment

What can cause bumps in your pubic area?

Ingrown hairs or soon to be hairs. Result of shaving (if you do). Don't worry about it.

What are little bumps that appeared after you trimmed your pubic area with clippers and they look like pimples and bleed a lot when popped or pulled off?

probably ingrown hairs. If the hairs are cut short (below the skin) they can grow under the skin and become infected.

Can ingrown hairs be mistaken for genital warts?

An experienced clinician would not mistake ingrown hairs for genital warts, although patients often do. See your health care provider for accurate diagnosis.

Why do you keep getting ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hair are caused by shaving, waxing and wearing tight clothing. People who have a coarser hair have the highest possibly to develop ingrown hair.

How do you reduce ingrown hairs on your bikini area?

Shave with the grain or sideways.

What is a home remedy for ingrown hairs?

all u have to do is pull it out with tweezers

What causes hairs all over to become ingrown and become pimple like?

Ingrown hairs are those bumps caused by the tiny hairs not breaking out of your skin and continuing to grow under a layer of skin. They can be pretty tricky to remove, and can cause infection when not done correctly.

How do you get a good bikini line free off bumps and ingrown hairs?


What would cause unbearable painful bumps in armpit?

it could be ingrown hairs

What contra - actions can you get from waxing?

bruising, blood spotting, ingrown hairs

Should people remove ingrown hairs?

absolutely not a doctor would be able to do that

What is the best way to prevent ingrown pubic hairs guys?

Leave it grow.

Will using a men's electronic razer really help my boyfriend with the many ingrown hairs he seems to get?

There is no reason for the electric razor to cause ingrown hairs as long as you shave with the direction of the hair growth and use a good after shave. If you shave against the hair growth your chances of getting an ingrown hair are higher.

Are guys supposed to shave there pubic hairs?

No, guys are not supposed to shave their pubic fact no one is supposed to shave their pubic hair. We have pubic hair for a reason and shaving is not healthy as it risks irritation, ingrown hairs, damaged skin, infected ingrown hairs, cysts, and increases risk of some STD's.

What causes ingrown hair and how do you get rid of them?

The best way to get rid of ingrown hairs is to contact your dermotologist. A dermotologist can provide the best treatment necessary that won't damage your skin.

Can ingrown hairs on the perineum be mistaken for genital warts?

A doctor should be able to tell the difference.

Can you get herpes from ingrown hairs?

yes, yes you can, it is very painful, it happened to my arm, eyebrow and toe

What is the best way to shave a mans face up or down strokes?

down strokes To get a closer shave use the up stroke method. This causes problems with ingrown hairs due to the fact you are cutting against the grain, so to speak. Using down strokes will cut the hairs but not as close and fewer ingrown hairs.

Are ingrown hairs harmful?

No, not really, just painful. I just got done plucking some. LOL, I am a guy with long hair, though. Here's a page with good information about ingrown hairs, what causes them, how to avoid them, what to do if you have one - and what NOT to do! best-mens-skin-care.