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Yes it can be normal especially if the dentist worked on that side of your mouth the longest. Try swishing with warm, salt water (approx. 1/2 tsp. in a small glass of water.) This is good for keeping the bacteria down. If this doesn't help in a couple of days it's a good idea to revisit your dentist. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Is it normal for one side of your mouth to become swollen a couple days after getting braces?
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I'm getting braces on tomorrow so how long do your braces hurt for once you get them on?

They can hurt for a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depends on the amount of braces and the person.

Does getting braces hurt honestly?

Getting braces only hurt when they first tighten it. It loosens up in a couple days.

Why do people need braces?

The reason why people need braces is because sometimes they have an overbite or crooked teeth. I am getting braces in a couple of weeks and my doctor said they did hurt when they were tightened but that's it

My friend just got braces and three weeks later her lymph nodes are swelling. Can braces cause swollen lymph nodes?

Same here, I had Braces and about a couple of weeks later Lymph nodes started to get bigger. I think it is a reaction to the metal, Cement (Glue), Or the UV.

Does your voice change when you have braces?

No, but for the first couple days, as you're getting used to them, you'll have to get used to talking with them.. It will be weird at first.

Does getting a tooth extracted and getting braces hurt?

When you first get braces, it will hurt for a couple days. To stop the pain so much, eat soft food like mash, baked beans, yoghurt ect. Afrter about a week, you wont even realise you have braces! Sorry, I cant help you on the other one!

Can braces cut your lips?

yes. i have had braces for 2 years now.. but i have only had my lips cut by braces a couple times!!!

I am getting braces in a couple of weeks and I want to know some color combos for my braces Any suggestions?

For your braces i say put together any two colors that are your favorites. i would probably do pink and black or red and black because i like how those colors look together but everyone is different.

Im getting braces soon does it hurt?

no but u might wanna take some bendryl or something to keep Ur gums from hurtin.u also might wanna don't eat any thing that crunchy for a couple of days to get Ur mouth comparable to the braces

Can you get braces after you have had teeth pulled?

In order to receieve braces you need to have lost all of your baby teeth. The answer to your question is yes, I know of a couple people who had to get adult teeth pulled to get braces. So yes.

What happens when you get your braces on?

they hurt very much at first but you have to get used to them for a couple of days

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Could i talk when i get my tongue ring?

yes it's just swollen for a couple days after you get it.

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How many appointments do you have to go to before getting braces?

Well, first you need photos and x-rays and then, you like get a mold of your teeth and then your get braces! You're dentist should tell you this! ( I fixed your spelling. ) The amount of appointments before you get your braces, varies on what your teeth look like. If your teeth are really crowded, you will probably have to get these little rubber Os inserted between your teeth and wear them for about two weeks, or have a couple removed. Some people get them the next appointment, some have to wait for five appointments to get braces on. Either way, you are going to get the braces, so don't worry.

Did his braces hurt when he got it?

Braces DO NOT hurt being put on at all ... what they do is put a gel on your teeth and harden it with your brace on then after all the braces are harden they put the bracket in but THEY DO hurt a little the first couple of days or so but taking medication will ease the pain :)

Do springs for braces hurt?

YES! For a couple days. Take Tylenol or Advil & it'll help with the pain.

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What is the function of braces?

Though uncomfortable and often painful, braces serve the purpose of straightening teeth. This process is done by a person called an orthodontist. The orthodontist specializes in everything involving braces and retainers. Most people who have braces are only subjected to them for a couple years. Head gear and rubber bands are couple of mechanisms that are used to speed up the braces process. Depending on how crooked a person's teeth are, braces can be on anywhere from one year to four years. The best way to reduce that time is to follow the orthodontist's instructions on how to maintain braces. A simple way to keep teeth healthy and happy is simply to brush and floss often. If you do this, your experience with having a metal mouth will most likely be no big deal!

Does the wire on braces hurt when put on?

it hurts but its just because your not used to them...the pain will go away in a couple weeks!

How long does it take for the pain from braces to go down?

only a couple days to a week then you dont even notice.

What are some ways you can tell if you need braces?

how do you know if youneed braces? well take a look at your teeth. do they look crooked or twisted at all? If they do, you will probobly need braces. Ask a dentist if you will need braces in the future if you really want to. When I got my braces on all i did for the first couple of days was eat pudding, icecrean, mashed potatoes, brothy soup, icecream, light toast, noodles, etc. Good Luck!

Can you tell me All About braces?

Okay, for most people, braces is scary. For one, they are sticking unfamiliar objects such as metal, into your mouth. When the braces are being put on there is a glue they use to stick the braces on. If the glue touches your tongue, it wont taste good. Once you've had braces on for the first couple days, your mouth gets sore and you may feel like a weight is on your teeth. But, don't worry, because after about a month or two, your braces will feel fine and normal. Use the wax that your orthodontics give you to keep your braces from cutting the sides of your mouth. You will get a few minor cut on the side of your mouth but after all, it is metal. Don't worry, and keep any pain killer you use to help prevent pain in reach. Nobody ever said getting braces would be easy, they just said it was worth it.