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No that is not normal. I had a root canal done and it did not hurt at all. Call your dentist and see what he can do for you. Good luck and God Bless:)

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Q: Is it normal for pain and swelling to persist for a week after having a root canal?
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Is it normal to have swelling in the face and gum 4 days after a root canal procedure?

The root canal is a dental procedure which is used to repair damaged teeth. Sometimes it takes a few days for recovery, but if you are having serious pain or swelling after root canal treatment, then contact your dentist as soon as possible to schedule next appointment.

Can a normal person fall asleep during a root-canal?

I did! But, then, I'm not "normal". -- SabrinaSingularity.

How do you reduce swelling after a root canal?

I think you would put ice on it

Why is your cheek swollen after a root canal?

The area got irritated due to the root canal. Swelling is a natural response to the irritation. It is annoying to have cheek swelling. I just had a root canal done and absolutely disgusted w/the experience. I've been doing a lot of research and it says the swelling varies person to person but can last up to a week. However, make sure you have a follow up appt within a month to recheck area.

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Will ice help a tooth absess?

yes it will reduce swelling and feel good but you're going to need a root canal

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Can a tooth that needs a root canal cause swollen lympnodes?

root canal treatment is the treatment of choice for the exposure of pulp and if there is pain . it can cause the swelling of the gums and in severe cases the enlargement of the lymph nodes. ( but it is not very common.)

How do you get rid of ear popping?

When this happens it meas that your ear canal is swollen! try to chew gum a lot. It will let the swelling go down.

What if I'm having pain after a root canal?

Go back to the dentist.

Do you have to have a root canal for having a hole in your tooth?

No, but it is what most dentist's do, and it is better for your teeth.

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What are the infections of an untreated root canal?

maggots will sometimes infect you teeth and cause severe swelling and pain. root canals must be treated extremely quickly.

Is having root canal dangerous?

No root canal is not at all dangerous. Dentists recommend it only the time when infection reaches the root of the website and require cleaning.

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