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No it is not normal, see your doctor to make sure it is not a Sexually Transmitted Disease or some other problem.

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Is it normal for some women to get period like cramps a week after their period ends and is it normal for these cramps to last every day?

Yes. It is perfectly normal to have cramps after your period. You still have a lot of hormones that your body is dealing with. Just give it a few days.

Can your period be clear if you have never had youre period but every month you get a clear fluid cramps and moodiness can that still be your period if not what is it?

a period is always bleeding this clear mnucus you are describing is normal for every women, it actually cleans the vagina, you have never had your period, so this moodieness and cramps could be that your period will be coming soon

Does everyone have cramps during their period?

Not everyone does, no. Every woman's period is different, so some get cramps and some don't, some experience awful cramps and others have barely noticeable cramps.

You have got period pains on the first day of your missed period as you are trying to get pregnant why is that?

Its totally normal i have had the implant and haven't had a period for two and a half years but every month i get the cramps, bloating and other symptoms

Why do i get menstrual cramps?

Cramps are a PMS from having your period. Im not quite sure why you get cramps but every girl differs. I tell you i do not get cramps. But cramps are a symptom of your period. There are other symptoms to like bloating, fatigue, and sore boobs. Hope this helped

Your period is brown is this normal?

Yes, about every other month I have this, and it is called discharge. I usually love, if that's the right word, when i have this period because i don't have cramps and it does not last as long as a regular period and i don't get bloated

Positive pregnant test but period cramps and backaches?

i had cramps and backache during the first month of pregnancy and every month around the time my period would have been due. i also had bleeding in the first month but every thing was fine.

Is it normal to not have a regular period?

When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month. When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month.

Feelings in both ovaries after ovulation is that a sign of pregnancy?

No. This is normal and you may feel little pains or cramps every month around the time of ovulation. The main sign of pregnancy is a lack of a period.

Is it normal to have brown spotting after every period?

Yes it is very normal

Is it normal for an 18 yr old to get their period 6 or fewer times a year yet still get cramps and backaches almost every month?

see an ob/gynonother thing to consider is your diet some vegetarians and vegans will get the cramps and no "blood" due to the lack of meat protein

You have cramps and feel like im on your period but you have no bleeding?

wait a couple days and if you still have no bleeding take a pregnancy test. when i was pregnant i could feel slight cramps every month when i normally would have had my period

What is a normal period for a 14 year old?

there is no such thing as a normal period every one is different -pretty in punk

How bad are the cramps in early pregnancy?

Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. I had cramps during my first pregnancy which felt a lot like period cramps, but I did not have cramps during my other two pregnancies. They usually disappear after the third month (12 weeks.)

Is it normal having a period every two weeks?


Is it normal is have cramps at 12 weeks yesterday you s had bad wind like cramps and today you feel fine but every now and then get a very light brown discharge when you wipe is this normal?

As long as the cramps have gone and it is not red blood and think you are fine. If you are continually bleeding I would see a doctor.

Is it normal to have your period for 2 days only every cycle?

Yes. A period as short as one day is considered normal.

Is it normal that the breast is tender during period?

Yes it is normal. Before I got pregnant every period I had my breat would hurt.

Could you be pregnant as you have a normal period bleed but the second period was late and has no clots which is normally normal for you?

Hello there, Because you had a normal period its unlikely as not every period or all periods have clots. But do a test to be sure hun. :o)

How do you know your going to get your period?

you start to get wet white sticky stuff in your panties and you get cramps also you start to feel cramps and sort of uncomfortable down in the pubic place you get your period every 20-30 days. you can mark when you get it on your calendar and count the days.

Is it normal to have your period every 21 days?

yes. it is normal between 21 and 35 days.

Could you be pregnant if your period is due and you have slight cramps but your breasts do not hurt and you do not have a sweet tooth like you normally do when you are pregnant?

Every one is different. When I was pregnant I did not have a sweet tooth until I was in my third trimester. The slight cramps could be pre-menstural cramps.

I came off depo 9 months ago had first period after 7 months and had 1 other normal period. I was bleeding every 10 days and now I have light spotting when i wipe and cramps. Could i be pregnant?

probably but I'm not positive cause i haven't had a period in about 2 or 3 months?

If you are pregnant will you still get cramps around the time your period is due?

Sore breasts and cramps are both common in the early stages of pregnancy, so if you are in doubt, get a pregnancy test, it's the only way to know for sure, and it's not reliable until you are at least two weeks late for your period. I am about 6 weeks pregnant for the first time, and I'm a nurse. It is normal to have sore breasts and many times this will last for the first trimester and sometimes longer as your hormones are changing, also having cramps monthly can be normal too, because your body is use to having periods monthly, so my doctor says that you might have those feelings of cramps every month, just not the bleeding.

When you were due for your period had cramps and light pink discharge im 15 days late a still get cramps sometimes can you be pregnant?

Slightly you can possibly be pregnant,but just try and stretch in the morn'in as much as you can every where!

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