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Is it normal for the baby to not be moving up in your stomach at six months?


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From my experience, the baby may not move all the time, when I thought something was wrong I would lie on my bed and turn side to side then lay on my back and just lay there for a while, eventually she would move. If its been more than 4 days I would talk to your doctor just to be safe.

I'm not trying to frighten anyone but I lost a baby at six months. With my second child, I was told to call if I don't feel movement within twenty four hours. You should do a kick check. Drink something with sugar in it and within an hour if you don't feel movement, wait a bit and call the doctor. I would lay still and the baby would be active. When you are super active, you don't always feel kicking. You activity makes the baby sleep. For most women, myself included, my babies were active at night when I tried to sleep. But if you feel nothing in 24 hours call your doctor or go to the emergency.


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nine months a baby stays in a womens stomach

At four months you should feel some movement of the baby.

Believe me it is moving. You just may not feel it yet. With my first born, I felt him moving at 18 weeks. It felt like a butterfly moving its wings. This pregnancy I did not feel the baby move until about 22 weeks. I was scared to death something was wrong. Now I wish he/she would take a nap every once in a while so I could rest!

9 months..........................

Pregnancy is the development of the baby in the uterus (womb), and takes about 9 months in normal cases.Pregnancy is the development of the baby in the uterus (womb), and takes about 9 months in normal cases.Pregnancy is the development of the baby in the uterus (womb), and takes about 9 months in normal cases.Pregnancy is the development of the baby in the uterus (womb), and takes about 9 months in normal cases.

of course it is. The baby is just starting to become aware of its surroundings then, so don't worry at all. Good luck with the newborn! ; ]

A baby is in his mothers stomach for 9 months.

Well, I think it would be a very bad thing if your baby was moving in your stomach, so be glad you don't feel movement in your stomach!!

The baby should be moving. Please see your doctor and do an ultrasound asap.

Well what are you talking about a baby right ?

At 5 months, you should be able to feel your baby moving, however not neccessarily kicking

Yes it is normal , as the baby is moving about now.

first to put the baby in the stomach the mom and dad need to do it ....then the moms stomach gets bigger(the baby is usually in the stomach for 9 months) and then they need to take the mom to the hospital and then she pushes the baby out of her vagina

The baby is in your stomach for 9 months it can be sooner as it my be premature or it can be a few days or weeks late.

NO, most healthy babies take 9 months.

After 9 months in the mothers stomach ,it might not be exactly.Sometimes people are born way before. the 9 months. Babies do NOT grow in the mother's stomach. The stomach is an organ of the digestive system. A baby grows and develops in the mother's uterus, a reproductive organ. Human gestation is approximately 40 weeks, or 10 months after conception.

Yes this is normal depending on the position the baby is in.

yes, at 5 months you usually feel your baby move, quite a lot.

A normal full term pregnancy is approximately 9 months for a human.

It is possible to become pregnant 3 months after delivering a baby, but the gestational period is generally 9 months in normal healthy pregnancies.

No it should've been back months ago. See your doctor.

less than you weigh by far

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