Is it normal for your ears to be clogged after cleaning them?

My son has the same problem after cleaning. Ever since he was little he has had trouble with ear wax build up and I would have to put ear drops in his ears to loosen the wax. The problem I have found, is that he has so much build up, that the drops loosens it up and blocks the canal more so than before to the point he cannot hear for several days. You may just have a lot of build up that needs to be washed out by a doctor, the ear wax drops may not help much. The above poster is correct, but wanted to add, sometimes it can be fluid build-up in the ears. When I wash my hair I always put the blow dryer on low and let it go into my ears. Also the blow dryer (on warm) and on low, is a good way to loosen up wax that may be further down the ear canal. It's dangerous to try and clean out your own ears so the above poster is correct in saying that you should see your doctor to have your ears cleaned out (doesn't hurt.) For the lady above, my one young nephew had a problem with his ears and his parents thought he was just ignoring them until his grandmother let a book drop behind him and he couldn't hear it! She then told the parents to take their son into a specialist. The specialist ended up putting plastic tubes in my nephew's ears (twice) and the problem was rectified.