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It could be "normal" for you. All women aren't the same. Mine usually last anywhere from 3-4 days. Some women have their period a total of 7 days. It just all depends on you.

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Is it normal for your first period to last 2 days?

Different periods last different times. I think 2 days is the very minimum

Is it normal if your period only last two days?

Yes, a girl's period can last anwhere from a few days to almost 2 weeks in some people.

Is it normal for like the last 3 periods for them to only last 2 to 3 days?

Yes. Your period can last anything from 1-8 days

What does it mean if you bleed for 2 days then spotted for 2 days?

You actually had a four day period, but the last 2 days just seemed as if you spotted. You are normal.

Could you be pregnant if you spotted for 2 days and then had a normal period?

my period was late 2 days then i had a normal period could you be pregnant yes or no

Is having your period for 4 days normal?

Yes, it is totally normal. Everyone's different. Some girls/women's periods last 2 or 3 days, while others' last a week or so.

Is it normal to have period for more than 9 days?

Some people have periods that last for 2 weeks, however a week-9 days is more average. If your period does not normally last for 9 days, then you should speak to your doctor about it

Is normal to have a 2 day period?

Yes. My first period was only 2 days so its completely normal

How many days is the normal gestation period?


Is it normal if you had a heavy period for only 2 days?

Ya That's Normal...

Is it normal to have your period for 15 days?

The normal time for Menstrual flow to last is from 2-7 days. It can last longer, but 15 days is very high. You should probably talk to your doctor.A period that lasts for fifteen days should be evaluated by a doctor. There may be more serious issues that need to be treated in order to control the bleeding.

How many days should a period last?

Your period should las around 5 days to a week. Mine lasted for about 2 weeks and I went to the doctor and I am 12 but he said it was totally normal.

Is it normal for my period to last over 12 days while on the depo shot.?

I have has my period for longer than normal while on the shot. I udally just spot but it lasts for up to 2 wks at a time.

Is it normal to have cramps two days before period is to begin?

Yes it is normal to cramp 2 days before. I cramp 2 days before mine. So yes it is normal.

Is a 2 day period normal?

For most females, a 2 day period is not considered to be normal. A period generally lasts for between 3 and 7 days. If a 2 day period is not normal for you, you should discuss this with your doctor and perhaps have a checkup.yes it is ok to have your period for only 2 days I have mine for 2 or 3 days every month and I am fine if you are realy conserend you should talk to your dockter.

What does a 2 day period mean?

A 2 day period is when a female's period only lasts 2 days. If your period only lasted 2 days, it's perfectly normal. No worries there! Hope this helps!

Is it normal to have your period for 2 days only every cycle?

Yes. A period as short as one day is considered normal.

If you have your period for 4 days then stops and 2 days you start spotting again is that normal?

yes it is normal there was just a break.

Why does your period last 2 days?


Is it possible to have a period for 2 days?

yes it is possible and it is perfectly normal

How long will your period last?

An average period should last between 2 to 8 days,and should occur every 20 to 35 days

If your period is shorter than normal could it mean you are pregnant?

It depends how many days short your period last, say if your period last 5 to 7 days like normal, and it last 2 or 3 days than you may be pregnant, but it can also be stress and your period can also change every month, if your period was heavy last month it might not be as much the next month and you may not cramp as bad, but if you miss your period for about a month, or its late ,and if you spotting ,and your nipples are sore you are pregnant, you would need to get a pregnancy test. Sometimes you may not have symptoms but most likely you will around the first month.

What if your period lasts about 5 days the first 2 days heavy and very lite on 3 day why?

This is completely normal. Most women have a much heavier flow the first few days of their period, and then the flow gets lighter and lighter for the last few days.

You had a period that lasted for 2 days the last day of it was a dirty brownish color what would make that happen?

It is normal for that to happen. The reason is the period was longer than normal seven days, and the uterine wall and the excess blood dried up. that turns the color a browinsh color...

Is it normal for your period to last only 3 days?

if you are just starting, yes. it will take 1-2 years before your period will be regular. (unless you are super lucky and are regular from the start)

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