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Yes its fine, i got mines done yesterday and its all yellowish whitish. one thing is keep using mouthwash or will take most of the white stuff off. remember the white stuff is just a bruise becase is been bashed around :)

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โˆ™ 2011-04-05 16:55:03
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Q: Is it normal for your pierced tongue to look yellowish whitish?
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Is it normal for your tongue to be brown after getting it pierced?


Is it normal for your tongue to be very swollen 2 days after you get it pierced?


Can you get your tongue pierced with geographic tongue?

Yes. I have geographic tongue, and have had it pierced twice.

Is Bill Kaulitz's tongue pierced?

Yes, he does have his tongue pierced.

Where can you get your tongue pierced at in Clinton?

Where can you get your tongue pierced at in Clinton, MO?

When did Synyster Gates get his tongue pierced?

yes he has his tongue pierced

When you get your tongue pierced is it normal to have the roof of your mouth swell up?


Did Joe Jonas get his tongue pierced?

Joe Jonas didn't get his tongue pierced, but he did get his ears pierced.

How long does your tongue have to be to get it pierced?

There is no length requirement for getting your tongue pierced. Anyone can get their tongue pierced with the exception of people that have their own personal and/or medical reasons.

What is the white stuff that comes out of your tongue when you get your tongue pierced?

Brains, dead brain cells............ OK I digress. It's lymphatic matter, it's the tongues equivalent to a discharge that would occur with any outside piercing (whitish yellow discharge) it's normal and will ease off as the piercing heals and toughens up.

How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced in Arizona?

It is against the law to get your tongue pierced in this state.

Can a head cold cause your pierced tongue to swell?

No.! Wth.!? I have my tongue pierced and I have no issues with it..

Is it normal for your tongue to be itchy after getting it pierced?

No itchy is a sign of an allergic reaction, this could be due to the quality or lack of it in the jewellery in your tongue piercing.

What is the meaning of a toungue piercing?

There is no "deep" meaning to tongue piercing, it's a pierced tongue.... no meaning just a pierced tongue.

How do you tell if your able to get your tongue pierced?

You're only ever un-able to get your tongue pierced if you have an abnormal tongue webbing. If you webbing is minimal and doesn't stop right under your tip, instead of at the bas of your tongue, you'll be fine to get your tongue pierced.

What does it mean if you had your tongue pierced?

When you get your tongue pierced, you go to a tattooist and they stick a needle thru your tongue, and you put a tongue ring in it. Its very similar to ear piercing = )

It's okay for pus to come out when you have your tongue pierces?

No. Its normal to have a whitish/yellow fluid that may cause crust to form but not pus.

Why get your tongue pierced?

Well because you want to have it pierced.

Is it normal to have a little bruise after gettin gyou r tongue pierced?

Yes its completely normal I recently got my tongue pierced && i have two small bruises on the tip of my tongue. It could either be the after affects of the clamps of when your tongue was pulled or it could be the swelling that's causing your tongue to rub against your teeth as it is in my case. Its normal, the bruising will heal, just use a lot of ice or pop sickles && it will decrease the swelling. I hope this helps (:

How old was Josh Ramsay when he got his tongue pierced?

josh ramsay was 17 when he got his tongue pierced

Is it normal to get a pimple like bump under your tongue after getting it pierced?

yeah i did its just the tongue trying to heal but the bar is stopping it trying heal over

What does it mean if your tongue is still swallon a few days after you go your tongue pierced Like mine is still swallon but I can talk normally now?

It usually takes 10 - 14 days for the swelling to go down after you get it pierced, so if your tongue is still swollen after a few days that can be normal.

When getting your tongue pierced does it bleed after getting it pierced?


If you just got your tongue pierced a few day ago and it still bleeds a little?

I've had my tonuge pierced for bout 8 weeks .. its normal for your tongue to bleed but if its does go away with in another week or 2 weeks you should have it checked out

Is it normall after having your tongue pierced for it to be white?

Yes it's normal discharge and will go away in a couple of days.