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Unless you are employed in a very sensitive kind of financial institution or perhaps working for a company that requires security clearance, monitoring your credit scores might be considered a violation of your privacy. You might want to talk to a lawyer about that one. On the other hand, if you have signed authorization for your employers agets to monitor your credit they might just consider it necessary to ongoing employment.

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Q: Is it normal practice for an employer to monitor your credit account and possibly have a relationship with that credit agency?
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Monarch Prod

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You can either contact your employer or visit the regional pf office in your area and request them to search for your account by providing your details like name, date of birth, employer info etc

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It would be wise to contact your current financial advisor

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Call and ask your employer and the IRS

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Yes. You can roll a previous employer's 401k balance into a new employer's 401k. You can also roll a previous employer's 401k balance into an individual retirement account (IRA) if you wish to maintain control over the investments.

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