Is it normal to be 11 weeks pregnant and bleeding and there is no heart beat?


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Some bleeding is normal, but if its heavy bleeding then probably not normal but you should see a doctor either way.

No, bleeding is not normal at this time. You may be in preterm labor. Call your doctor.

no its not and if you are then i dont think your pregnant anymore

No. Go and see a doctor. You are probably having a miscarriage.

you should immediately consult a doctor anytime bleeding occurs during a pregnancy.

If you are 12 weeks pregnant, it is not implantation bleeding. Consult your doctor right away.

I had my period 2 weeks ago and am bleeding again is that normal?

I went to the doctors and found out i was 6-7 weeks, but i woke up this morning to bleeding as if it was my period should i be worried??

No. Bleeding for almost 4 weeks is not normal under any circumstances.

i am seven weeks pregnant and i have cramping everyday is it normal

Is it normal to dialate at 36 weeks pregnant

8 weeks pregnant and spotting after sex is this normal

Breakthrough bleeding in the first weeks after starting the ring is normal.

Have you found out anything? I have the same problem i was two weeks late but i started today. I had thought for sure i was pregnant because i had all the symptoms.

It depends what kind of bleeding it is. If it is heavy and/or bright and/or painful, it is not normal. If this is the case it is important to go to the hospital straight away to get checked out. If it is light and quite dark coloured, then it is probably normal and nothing to worry about.

You could be having a period while pregnant anyway get it checked out go see a doctor and make sure everything is all right.

I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and experienced the same thing at 10 weeks. My Dr. told me it was normal and just from everything stretching. As long as your not bleeding it isn't really anything to be concerned with.

No, it is not normal to bleed heavily. If the pregnancy has been confirmed by a blood test, you have reason to worry. Call your doctor immediately.

The normal progesterone levels for someone who is 8 weeks pregnant is 25.9.

Bleeding for 2 weeks while on BCP is not normal. You most likely need to change your BCP brand to a different pill. Bleeding means you're not pregnant. Especially after bleeding for 2 weeks. See your Doctor hun.

iam 5 weeks pregnant sac is not seen but bleeding

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