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Yes, It is normal to be 7 weeks pregnant and not have any symptoms I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and i have only had minor cramping so I never suspected anything except that I was 3 weeks late.

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โˆ™ 2008-05-10 03:54:59
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Q: Is it normal to be 7 weeks pregnant and not have any symptoms?
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Is it normal to be 3 weeks pregnant and not have any symptoms?

Don't mean to scare you, but I was 5 1/2 months pregnant before I knew.

Is it normal for a woman not to have any symptoms if they are pregnant?

being pregnant is a symtom of being pregnant

How do you feel when your 4 weeks pregnant?

Most women do not feel any symptoms of pregnancy until they are 6-8 weeks pregnant.

I am in my 5th week of pregnancy and am not experiencing any symptoms not even sore breasts is this normal?

It is normal not to feel any symptoms, I started feeling pregnancy symptoms when I was 6 weeks!

About 5 and a half weeks pregnant and have no symptoms whatsoever-is this normal Of almost makes you think the dr was wrong?

That is completely normal. I did not have any symptoms until I was around 11 weeks pregnant. I agree, with my first I had really sore breasts and bone-aching tiredness, second time around even chasing after a hyperactive two year old I had no symptoms whatsoever, (and that was a twin pregnancy)

You are 7 weeks pregnant and getting lower backache is it normal?

I am 7 weeks and currently have a low back ache. However, there are no "bad" symptoms, so I think it's probably fine. I have all the good symptoms, so I am not too concerned. I've had a previous m/c, and did not have any pg symptoms with that pg. Again, I think it's normal.

I am pregnant but i dont have and eating craving is that normal?

You are fine. Dont worry some people dont have any symptoms at all. I have all the symptoms and im 9 weeks so you are lucky lol so relax.

1-2 weeks pregnant what are the signs?

There are not any symptoms this early. The earliest you would get symptoms is 2 weeks. Most people don't get symptoms until later than that though.

Im 31 weeks pregnant I have bad fatigue and my body hurts everywhere is this normal?

I don't know. I'm not pregnant, but people I know who have been have never spoke of any of these symptoms. You may want to see your doctor.

Is it normal to be Measuring 28 weeks at 29 weeks pregnant?

There is nothing abnormal about measuring 28 weeks at 29 weeks pregnant. If there were any reason to be concerned your doctor would notify you immediately.

I am ten weeks pregnant with no symptoms should i worry?

I am now 25 weeks pregnant, I have never had any symptoms (morning sicknes, swelling, nausea) I just started to feel the baby kick and move around, other than that I couldn't even say I felt any different

Can you feel pain on your left side if you are two weeks pregnant?

No as being two weeks into pregnancy is far to early to show any symptoms of pregnancy.

What symptoms should you have when 7 weeks pregnant?

Some people don't have any symptoms when they are only 7 weeks pregnant! However the usual symptoms are a missed period, breat tenderness and nausea. Sometime's you can experience all of these or just one or two or not any of them! If your unsure take a home pregnancy test and see your local doctor as well!

Can you feel symptoms before implantation like aches and pain?

YOu don't have any symptoms before implantation as there are no hormones to give symptoms. Until implantation you are not pregnant. --answer-- Agree. Normally symptoms start around 2-3 weeks AFTER implantation has occured. However,some women claim that they have felt it earlier which is also normal. Everyone is different, but before implantation it is impossible to have pregnancy hormones in your body. I strated to feel pregnant after I had been late like two weeks on my period so that means I was already 6 weeks pregnant..But as I have said, everyone is different. Good luck!

I am 6 weeks pregnant and you do not feel any symptoms is this normal?

It can be normal every person experiences pergnancy in their own way. My friend from work didn't even know she was pregnant until she was 5 months along. But make sure you see your doctor on a regular basis so you can track the babies and your health.

What to expect during the first 2 weeks of pregnancy?

Most women don't even know they are pregnant at that point. There should be very few symptoms of pregnancy if any, at only 2 weeks pregnant.

You think you are about 6 weeks or 7 weeks pregnant you just did an ultrasound and the doctor did not see anything at all Is this considered normal or is there any hope?

If a licensed doctor told you you're not pregnant, you're probably not pregnant.

Can you be pregnant without any symptoms except missed period?

Yes. I'm 9.5 weeks and only symptom is no AF.

You are 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant and have had brown spotting for about two weeks and today had light pink spotting you have had no cramps or any other typical pregnancy symptoms Is this normal?

Yes, it is quite normal for this to happen as the uterus expands for the baby. However, if the bleeding gets heavy and is accompanied by pain it is important that you get to hospital quickly

Just because I have the symptoms does that mean im pregnant?

No, you can have the symptoms and not be pregnant and not have any symptoms but still be pregnant. The only way to be sure is to take a test.

If you're 5 weeks pregnant is it normal for your breasts not to be sore but have some slight tingling and has anyone else experienced breast soreness later in pregnancy?

Don't worry this is normal, some womans do not experience any symptoms in the early pregnancy. You will have some very soon otherwise; you are one of the very few lucky ones who go throug without any symptoms.

Im 9 weeks pregnant but dont feel pregnant anymore is this possible?

It is possible not to feel that way. As long as you do not experience any bleeding of any sort then you should be fine. You may not "feel" pregnant anymore if your symptoms are going away or you may just be getting used to the feelings/symptoms of being pregnant and are not as noticeable to you anymore.

Can you still be pregnant even if you haven't had any symptoms for the past two weeks?

Yes, but talk to your doctor or midwife if you're concerned

Can one be pregnant and not have any symptoms?

Yes. YES, one can be pregnant and not have any symptoms . I was two months when I found out I was pregnant and didn't have any symptoms not even a missed period. One day I went to the doctor for a regular checkup and the doctor told me I was pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have missed your period but have no other pregnancy symptoms?

Yes you could. I didn't know I was pregnant till 16 weeks. No morning sickness with any of mine. Congrats if you are!!!