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No it is not normal to ovulate while you are on Birth Control pills. The entire idea behind taking the pill is to prevent the body from producing or releasing an egg. If you are taking combination pills, the progesterone in the pill causes your body to "think" it is pregnant, thus preventing ovulation.

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Q: Is it normal to be ovulating while you are on birth control pills?
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What if you miss birth control pills while ovulating?

You don't normally ovulate on the birth control pill, although you may if you miss pills.

How do you know when you're ovulating while on birth control pills?

The purpose of BCP is to prevent ovulation. If you take The Pill as directed, you are not ovulating.

Is it normal to feel sick after you take your birth control pill?

It is not normal to feel sick after taking birth control pills. If you feel that the pills are making you sick, you should contact your doctor and have them changed.Taking birth control pills should not make you feel sick. That is not normal.

Can someone get pregnant if switching from birth control to another while ovulating?

yes you can conceive when switching pills.

What does it mean if you start you period on day you ovulate?

If your period wasn't due & you're on birth control, then this is break through bleeding. Birth control stops you from ovulating. If you're currently on the 7day break or sugar pills then this is normal.

Is it normal to bleed after stopping your birth control pills?

Yes, when you stop birth control pills, the hormone levels in your body drop. Then you have withdrawal bleeding.

What do birth control pills do to the body?

BC pills prevent pregnancy by tricking your body into thinking its pregnant and this stops you from ovulating so there is no egg awaiting fertilization.

Are you allergic to birth control pills?

I am not allergic to birth control pills.

Can you take birth control pills after age 50?

Yes and if you are still ovulating it is advisable so that you do not have a pregnancy so late in life.

What are the signs if wife is taking birth control pills?

Packet of birth control pills on the kitchen counter, receipts from the pharmacy for birth control pills, or your wife asking, "Have you seen my birth control pills?"

Are synthetic birth control pills a narcotic?

No, birth control pills are not narcotics.

Does ovulating higher the chance of getting pregnant even if your on birth control pills?

Yes, you can't get pregnant unless you ovulate. If you ovulate in spite of taking the birth control pill, you could get pregnant.

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