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Is it normal to bleed 9 weeks after getting off the Depo shot?

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That might be your period.

2006-08-02 21:31:06
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Q: Is it normal to bleed 9 weeks after getting off the Depo shot?
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How long can you bleed after stopping Depo-Provera?

You may bleed for days, weeks, or months after stopping Depo-Provera. Your period is likely to become regular again anywhere from one to eighteen months after the last injection. The average time to the first normal period is 11 months.

Is your body trying to fight the depo shot if you bleed the whole 3 months?

Bleeding is a normal side effect of Depo Provera

Is it normal to bleed for 12 days after getting Depo-Provera injection?

Yes. As noted in the patient package insert you got at the time of your injection, irregular bleeding is a common side effect of Depo Provera.

Is it normal to have period for 12 weeks while on depo?


If you bleed two weeks before your depo shot can you be pregnant?

If you are on time for your Depo Provera injection, pregnancy is not likely. Spotting or bleeding on Depo Provera is a side effect, not a sign of pregnancy.

Is it normal to bleed everyday during the first 2 months of your depo shot?

No. Call your doctor.

Is it normal to bleed for 5 weeks after the depo shot wears off?

I also have been on the depo injection and was due to have another in November but chose not to. I have had irregular bleeding since coming off it and have also read that this is normal as its your body trying to get back into your regular menstrual cycle. If your worried I'd go and see your doctor.

I have been bleeding for 3weeks straight but i havent been to receive my shots lately im 2 months behind could this have somethin to do with me gettin off the birth control shot?

Absolutely.. just your body getting back to normal.. both times I was on depo bled 3/4 weeks after getting off.. kind of like after you have a baby you bleed for weeks beings the depo tricks your body into thinking your "preg".. In other words your A ok..hope this helps..

Is it normal miss your period after getting depo for the first time?

Depo Provera is a type of hormonal birth control that is administered by injection. Yes, it is normal to miss your period after getting Depo for the first time. Some women find that their periods lighten or stop completely after taking Depo Provera.

Is it normal to bleed once you get on depo?

Yes. Some women stop menstruating immediately, while others bleed or spot until the second shot is taken.

Do you have your period when your on the depo?

All women on depo provera have changes in their bleeding. Some bleed more, and others bleed less. In the early months of use, you may have breakthrough bleeding that goes on for days, weeks, or months. This bleeding decreases over time.

Is it normal to get your period on the depo shot?

Is it normal to get your period even when i am getting the depot shot for a year

What if you developed amenorrhea after depo and period was induced?

If you induce vaginal bleeding after having Depo-related amenorrhea, you bleed from your vagina. It does not "jump start" your normal period, it doesn't mean you ovulated, and it doesn't get Depo out of your system faster.

Is it normal not bleed at all on the depo injection?

Yes. The depo shot is supposed to stop your period all together, making it less possible to become pregnant. I got my shot done in mid November of 2010, and for the first two months I did bleed lightly which is also normal. Now I've been on it for almost 9 months and don't bleed at all so it's a good sign that you don't bleed.

Can you get pregnant 2 weeks before you get your depo?

It is possible, but not likely, to get pregnant while on Depo Provera. If you are getting your shots on time, you are well protected.

When on depo is to normal not to have a period being on It for only 2 monthes?

my first 2 months i did not bleed at all but my third month i bleed enough to make up for my missed months.

Is it normal to get your period three weeks after you received the depo shot?

Many women have unscheduled bleeding when starting depo Provera. This irregular bleeding decreases with time.

Is it normal to have a period straight after coming off the depo injection and then every 2 weeks after?

yes that is normal try birth control

Is it normal to have a period for three weeks and four months after coming off the depo shot?

NO- see your doctor

Is it normal to bleed for 12 weeks on depo ralovera?

Absolutley not!! Whether you are spotting or heavily bleeding, 12 weeks ia entirely to long. Go to your doctor and as soon as possible. I have been using depo for two years and I never bleed for more than a week and a half. Your doctor could easliy tell you whether or not your body is rejecting the shot or give you a decent explaination of why you have been bleeding so long. Not to worry though, just make a doctor's appointment asap.

Is it normal to bleed the whole time you are on the depo shot?

It sounds like depo isn't suiting you too well. Please go and speak to the person who usually deals with your contraception, and don't don't endure this unnecessarily.

What does it mean to bleed on the depo shot?

Bleeding on Depo Provera is a side effect and has no special meaning or significance.

Is it normal if you have been on the depo shot for over a year and you bleed two and a half months at a time?

Def. not.. this could be an abnormal side effect.. the doc can correct this w/a hormone pill.. or they may choose for you not to stay on it.. Def.. contact the doc. i was on the depo shot for 9 months and bleed the whole time some heavy and some light but always bleed

What does it mean when you've been bleeding for almost 2 months?

On the second dose of depo, you tend to bleed the entire 2 months. It sucks, but its normal on depo. I had it on and off for 3 years and the second dose is always like that.

What does it mean when you have a period for more then a week being on the depo shot?

its normal for you to have hevey spotting on your first round. i bleed for nearly a month my first round.