Is it normal to bleed heavily after the first time of sex?


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Women bleed for different amounts of time after a tubal ligation. if you are heavily bleeding after 4 days, you should see a physician as soon as possible.

if a girl doesn't bleed her first time that idicates that she didn't loose her virginity .

It's not normal to bleed at all, the idea that you should bleed the first time is a myth.It is possible to bleed any time you have sex if it is rough or forced, but there's nothing about the first time specifically that would mean that you would have to bleed at all.

That you're completely normal. Not all bleed the first time even if they still have the hymen intact.

No it's not normal.. The only way you can bleed is if the person has nails or if he/she went into a sex hole.

on the first time hope u had fun

For a woman, it's normal to bleed the first time she has sexual intercourse. That is when the hymen breaks. Apart from that, she should normally not bleed every time she has sexual intercourse.

About 30% of women break their hymen during activity and do not bleed with their first's normal

Most women don't bleed their first time, that is a myth. Only 20% do. She is perfectly normal.

Not exactly normal, but it can happen, particularly if the sex has been a bit rough.

Yes, for a woman, bleeding is normal after the first time she has sex. However, not every woman bleeds when she loses her virginity, but many do. After that, it would only be normal to bleed if there is an injury or menstruation.

When having sex for the first time it is normal to bleed. But if you didnt it doesnt affect your chances of pregenacy at all.

This is normal because everyone adjusts to birth control differently. Some people will not bleed at all while others might bleed the whole time they are on the medication.

No, bleeding is never normal - the idea that you should bleed when you have sex the first time is a myth, you should never experience bleeding when you are having sex or engaging in sexual activity. Chances are you bled when you were being fingered because your partner was rough so damaged vaginal tissues, it's normal for you not to bleed when you have sex.

It means you are completely normal. Only 2/10 girls bleed the first time.

If you had intercourse with full penetration, then you have lost your virginity. For some females, it can be quite painful the first time, and some also bleed their first time, which is normal.

I think it can becouse I do bleed when taking antibiotics. I am not sure if it is normal or not.

Not all women bleed after their first time having intercourse. If you feel worried about it, consult your physician.

No. All virgins do not bleed. Some women break their hymen before having sex for the first time. So, if she doesnt bleed the first time, it does not mean she is not a virgin

If you are female and it's that time of the month then yes if your a me then no!

you just bleed a little spot on the tollet paper and the once you've had it for a couple of monthes it get heavierit is normal for some bleeding to occur after your first time of having vaginal intercourse. this is due to the braking of the hymen within the vagina but there should not be a lot of blood.

No! This is not normal, and you should talk to your dentist. If this is the first time you started flossing after not having to floss for a while, it is normal, but not healthy. Keep flossing, and it should stop. If it does not, talk to a dentists. In the mean time rinse with salt water.

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