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You clean it

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Q: How do you treat bleeding during sexual intercourse?
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How do you treat internal bleeding?

How do you treat internal bleeding?

What diet really works?

Ive tried them all, and nothing works as far as im concerned... However lots of sexual intercourse works a treat!

How do you motivate a girl for sexual intercourse?

You could send her some naughty texts (not pictures but just words of wanting her) which will exite her and the the topic of intercourse will natrually come up then. Otherwise tell her how beautiful she is and how you love her and treat her as if she is a diamond to you.

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well, treat her nice for a start, play with her, tickle, kiss. sexual intercourse if you think it's the right person, providing that your old enough. invite her round, cuddle her.

What kind of doctors treat erectile dysfunction?

The sexologist treat the erectile dysfunction. A good family physician also can treat the erectile dysfunction. There can be very simple treatment for the erectile dysfunction. It is almost always effective in recent onset erectile dysfunction. You have to tell to your partner that the physician has advised you not to go for the sexual intercourse. The foreplay is aloud as usual. That includes making each other naked and fondling the private parts also. You can do every thing else but penetration. That solves the problem in most of the cases, say with few days. Most of the time on day one only. You need to be free from the domestic worries. You should have the complete privacy. You should have complete security in the sexual relations. The sexual intercourse is not a act to be 'performed'. The sexual intercourse is the act to be 'enjoyed'.

Are genital warts painful?

No there not painful only when you look at them jk no there not now the treat ments are I had about 5 and there going away slowly but they are going away and if you have them make sure to use protection if you have sexual intercourse

Should you use this medicine during intercourse for protecting fungal infection?

No. You do not use any medication to prevent the fungal infection. You treat the infection, when it takes place.

What are the symptoms of cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is a symptom-free disease in its early stages. Still, some symptoms appear in later stages which may vary women to women, which include: Abnormal bleeding from the vagina Change in regular menstrual cycle Bleeding or pain following intercourse Pain down the back of legs or in the rectal area Blood from the rectum or in the urine Prevention and survival from cervical cancer depends upon your awareness and considerable actions in regards to the disease. Dr. Mona Shah is a leading female Gynaecologist doctor in Ahmedabad who is specialized in treatment of cervical cancers and other gynaecological cancers.

What are the basic first aid procedure during emergency?

Check for breathing, stop the bleeding, protect the wound, and treat for shock.... ala Marine Corps...

How do you treat treponema paraluiscuniculi?

Penecillin is mentioned as the drug of choice. Uninfected rabbit colonies will remain clean if isolated from wild rabbits and any introduced rabbits test negative. Generally, transmitted by sexual intercourse.

What should a person do when their hemorrhoids are bleeding?

There are many things one can do to treat hemorrhoids. If they are bleeding it is recommended that the patient takes in a lot of fiber to decrease the bleeding.

Can you treat bleeding in the eye with steroid injections in the eye?

no bleeding in the eye cannot be treated with steroid injections in the eye

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