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dont be harmed if you are bleeding in between your periods while you are on the pill, because it could also be an effect for first time users for the pill.. if you are still curiouse, i would advise you to speak to your doctor

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that is the period dummy! they dont bleed between periods.

Yes, it is normal. Because the dog is having it's periods whilst being pregnant, when eggs come out that haven't been filled by sperm. Our dog had periods recently, but she wasn't pregnant. Don't worry, it's completely normal and healthy.

yes you do! in between periods and stuff

Internal bleeding is when you bleed on the inside as where normal bleeding is where you bleed on the outside

Because you are prone to it once you start your period.

No it's not normal.. The only way you can bleed is if the person has nails or if he/she went into a sex hole.

around as long as one of your normal periods i didnt bleed after my d and c but they told me it could last up to 5 to 7 days

It's normal to bleed and not to bleed. It differs for people.

It is different for everybody. Some do some dont. So I guess it is considered normal.

No, bleeding is never normal - the idea that you should bleed when you have sex the first time is a myth, you should never experience bleeding when you are having sex or engaging in sexual activity. Chances are you bled when you were being fingered because your partner was rough so damaged vaginal tissues, it's normal for you not to bleed when you have sex.

Yes it is. But if your dog starts to bleed a lot call the vet.

It is normal if it is normal for you. If you have always had 2 day long periods, then there is probably nothing to worry about. However, if you normally experience longer periods and now they have shortened, take a look at your everyday activities. Athletic women tend to have shorter lighter periods than non-athletic women, and things like birth control pills can have an effect on how long you bleed for. So basically if it is normal for you, count yourself lucky that you only have to bleed for 2 days.

Bleeding in between periods is common in the first few months of using Mirena, but gets better with time. Yellow discharge is not a normal Mirena side effect, and deserves to be discussed with your health care provider.

A lot of dogs gums will bleed if they are chewing really hard, or for long periods of time. When they start to bleed, take the rawhide away from them for the day. If they always bleed when chewing on rawhide bones I would find a softer chew toy for them.

Yes, they do. Every female mammal has periods.

yes, if you have just started your period. Its called spotting and is likely to happen in between periods.

Depends if they bleed out of its mouth than it needs the vet but it is normal for a baby rabbit to bleed out of its bottom.

It is not normal for your female dog to bleed at all from her vagina after being spayed. Take her immediately in to to be checked out by your Veterinarian.

Hello there, Because you had a normal period its unlikely as not every period or all periods have clots. But do a test to be sure hun. :o)

It is not normal to bleed during pregnancy.

It depends how heavy the bleeding is, but I would say it is probably caused by ovulation (releasing an egg) Many women get cramps and spotting during ovulation and it occurs between periods

When your vagaina starts to bleed

no. any bleeding should be brought to your doctors attention

== == A. It is not normal to bleed during pregnancy B. It is possible to spot during the first trimester. Some confuse this with their periods, but they may be pregnant. A pregnancy test is recommended and a visit to the doctor or Planned Parenthood.

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