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If you miss a pill, it is common to have more irregular spotting. Spotting is also common while taking the pill in between periods. If it gets too heavy or irregular or you are still concerned, you should take to your doctor about it.

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Q: What makes you Bleed between periods while on the pill?
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Can you bleed while your not in your period?

yes, if you have just started your period. Its called spotting and is likely to happen in between periods.

Is it normal to bleed in between periods while being on the pill?

dont be harmed if you are bleeding in between your periods while you are on the pill, because it could also be an effect for first time users for the pill.. if you are still curiouse, i would advise you to speak to your doctor

Does sour food makes you more bleed while menstruation?

Yes , the more you eat or drink sour food your menstruation will bleed more

Will taking birth control pills make you have regular periods?

You will be on a regular schedule, but the periods you have while on the pill are not actual periods, this is because you never produce an egg while on the pill. The pill simply regulates when your body "clears out" down there so you will bleed on a fairly normal schedule.

Can you bleed if you have chlamydia while you're pregnant?

Chlamydia can cause bleeding if the cervix is more severely infected. The bleeding is often between periods or after sex. If you're pregnant and having bleeding contact your health care provider today.

Can you have your period but not bleed while on birth control?

If you don't bleed, you don't have a period. You can't have a period and not bleed.

Do cats bleed while they are in heat?


How many days do dogs bleed for?

They bleed for about 3 weeks while in heat.

Does a turtle bleed while shedding?

Turtles only shed skin not shell if u were wondering and no they do not bleed while shedding

If you stopped taking your birth control pills and then started to bleed two days later was that your period?

Periods on the pill isn't exactly the same as the periods naturally regulated by your body. You might have to wait a while before it's all "natural" again.

Can you have periods while on progesterone?

No you will not have your periods ,as that drug is for postponing your period.

Why does your mouth bleed when running?

Your mouth should not bleed while you are running. Check with your physician.

Can you get your periods while your pregnant?


Bloating with bleeding during early pregnancy?

Go and see a doctor you can have bloating while pregnant you can bleed while pregnant the bleeding is a period some women have periods while pregnant if your worried go see a doctor good luck! From pink princess

What are periods like when your pregnant?

You will not have a period while you are pregnant. However, you may have light bleeding when you first conceive called implantation spotting, and some women do bleed a bit each month.

Can you bleed while your pregnant?

Yes, actually.

Can you bleed and cramp while you are pregnant?


Do men bleed while losing their virginity?

No I did not

Do somas make you bleed more while being tattooed?

no you should not bleed more when you get a tatoo.

What would cause breakthrough bleeding in between periods while taking birth control pills?

fibriod tumors

When taking birth control to regulate periods if your period started on a Monday and the pills are started the following Thursday when will bleeding stop?

Your period will usually stop within 7 days. It is different in every woman. Some bleed for 3 days while others bleed for 6 days.

Can you do a pregnancy test while in your periods?

Yes you can do a pregnancy test while in your periods. But there's no need to do it because you are 100% negative. Having monthly periods means that you are not pregnant.

Does dog bleed while giving birth?

yes dogs do all animals bleed when giving birth

Why do women bleed while they are pregnant?

Miscarriage perhaps?

Do you bleed while having a bladder infection?

It Depends..