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You will be on a regular schedule, but the periods you have while on the pill are not actual periods, this is because you never produce an egg while on the pill. The pill simply regulates when your body "clears out" down there so you will bleed on a fairly normal schedule.

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A woman's menstrual periods are regular and usually lighter when she is taking oral contraceptives

By taking a test. If you are not trying to get pregnant the birth control pill can help you getting regular.

It's unlikely to be pregnant if you're having regular periods and taking birth control correctly and consistently. Talk to your health care provider if you have concerns about the reliability of your method.

You shouldn't be taking birth control if you're not prescribed it. Birth control pills don't stop periods, they stop pregnancy.

If you just started taking birth control your periods are going to be irregular for the first few months. But it is possible to still get pregnant on the pill.

I have been taking Lipofuze for 3 days, and i I have been taking Loestrin for about a year or two. I only take birth control to make my periods regular (I am not sexually active). On the third day of Lipofuze I had some spotting (which is about a week before my scheduled period)

Yes, you do have a chance of becoming pregnant once you stop taking your birth control because it typically takes 3 days for all of the active ingredients in your birth control to exit your system.

Yes, many woman still get monthly bleeding while taking birth control pills.

There are no known food-birth control pill interactions, neither for birth control nor menstrual control use.

It's possible that breakthrough bleeding could occur as result of taking birth control pills.

Don´t worry. Women have irregular periods all the time. Even women with regular periods get irregular periods from time to time.

You periods are meant to be lighter on birth control, but I guess you could be pregnant. Take a test and I would stop taking the pills just until you know you're not pregnant

The birth control pill will (or at least should) make your periods more regular and less intensive. The bloodloss will be far less (for most women)

The only way to stop an irregular period is to start taking birth control. Usually, you will become very regular when taking the pill and some people stop having periods all together when they go on the shot.

yes, the way the pill works is it fools your body into believing you are already pregnant. no, your periods are more regular

When you stop taking birth control you can now become pregnant. If you had an irregular period before birth control pills, your period will go back to irregular periods. Heavier and longer periods may occur as well. You may also experience withdrawal bleeding which your body's way of ridding the birth control hormones.

No. Women using birth control pills do not ovulate, yet they usually have regular periods. Most likely you are ovulating; however the one does not necessarily indicate the other.

depends on the birth control. if you're taking the regular pills, you'll still get your period, but, unlike mine, it wont be at wacky times.

probably not. birth control will make your periods lighter, shorter and more regular.

I took it for the full 3 month pack, and switched back to my regular birth control, and it took me a while to get my periods back to regular, and I still spot quite a bit. But nothing too bad has happened. Talk to a doctor before you just up and quit birth control though.

Women can take the birth control pills continuously without a break to skip the periods.

If you took birth control for one month and had a few periods then you need to see your doctor and change birth control. It doesn't sound like you are on the right type of birth control pills for you - hence the extra periods. You do need to perform a pregnancy test as there is a possibility you may be pregnant.

Yes. Pregnancy is always a possibility if you are not using any birth control method.

Most women will have their period within a week or two of stopping birth control pills, and may be fertile from the first day they stop taking it. If you have stopped taking birth control and have not had your regular period as expected, you need a pregnancy test to be sure whether you are pregnant or not.

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