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It is slightly normal to bleed after having intercourse. It doesn't happen to all females, but it does affect others. It doesn't mean that anything is wrong with your body, but in other cases bleeding after intercourse could be a symptom of the curable STD gonorrhea.

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Q: Is it normal to bleed very slightly after having intercourse?
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Is it normal to bleed slightly after having epliated your armpits?

yes it is normal. it will bleed until the skin becomes used to it. dont worry.

Is it normal for a guy to bleed during intercourse?


Is it normal to bleed while 35 weeks pregnant?

Yes it is especially if your having intercourse I bleed throughout my pregnancy and went to the dr everytime to find out all was well.

Is bleeding while intercource normal?

For a woman, it's normal to bleed the first time she has sexual intercourse. That is when the hymen breaks. Apart from that, she should normally not bleed every time she has sexual intercourse.

Why do you bleed every time after you have intercourse?

If you have bleeding every time you have intercourse you should talk with a qualified doctor right away. It is not normal to bleed following intercourse, and blood could be a symptom of a more serious condition.

Is it normal for a penis to bleed after intercourse?

Not normally. See your urologist.

What if I didn't bleed after my first time?

Not all women bleed after their first time having intercourse. If you feel worried about it, consult your physician.

How many times will the hymen bleed?

Once only on the first time of having intercourse.

Do women bleed after intercourse during pregnancy. If so is it normal for spotting and watery?

No, see a doctor soon.

Reasons why most woman didn't bleed on their first time?

About 30% of women break their hymen during activity and do not bleed with their first's normal

Is it normal for a dog to bleed vaginally after having an operation to have puppies?

Yes, perfectly normal.

Is it normal for your cat to bleed before having her baby's?


What if there is no blood will go out if your in the sex intercourse?

It means you are completely normal. Only 2/10 girls bleed the first time.

When do anuses bleed?

They can bleed if u have anal intercourse or a hemmroid is irritated

Is it normal to bleed for two weeks after a miscarriage stop bleeding for a week and then bleed for another three weeks?

Yes, this is very normal after having a miscarriage. It can take several months for your body to get back to normal.

How much do you bleed your first time?

you just bleed a little spot on the tollet paper and the once you've had it for a couple of monthes it get heavierit is normal for some bleeding to occur after your first time of having vaginal intercourse. this is due to the braking of the hymen within the vagina but there should not be a lot of blood.

Is it normal to bleed bright red with blood clots the day after having your IUD removed?

Yes, it can be normal to bleed bright red with clots after having your IUD removed. Was your period due? The bleeding is not a sign of a medical problem.

Is it normal to bleed when you have popped your cherry?

It's normal to bleed and not to bleed. It differs for people.

Why did your wife bleed after her first intercourse with you?


If a virgin doesn't bleed during intercourse is she still a virgin?

She doesn't need to bleed to lose her virginity; the fact that she had sexual intercourse makes her not a virgin anymore.

How long it takes time to bleed After first intercourse of a virgin girl?

immediately after the intercourse dear.

Is it normal for a female dog to bleed after mating?

yes but only slightly if it is more than a few spots check with your vet

Do all girls bleed during their first time having intercourse?

No,They simply either have some rashes or redness around/inside the vaginal area.If it bleeds do not continue intercourse or further problems might occur

Is it normal to bleed for two days when your cherry pops?

Sometimes having sex starts your period

Why does a female dog that is fixed still bleed?

You shpuld take her to the vet and get her checked out. This is not normal. It would be like a woman having a hysterectomy, and still continues to bleed.