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Hello, When you first start taking BCP you can experience light bleeding. But any abnormal bleeding while on BCP that isn't pregnancy related, should be mentioned to your doctor. You probably need the doseage of your BCP increased on try a different brand.

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Q: Is it normal to experience light bleeding while on birth control?
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Is it normal to have your period after you miss the pills?

Yes, some women will experience unscheduled bleeding after missing birth control pills.

Do you still have your period on birth control?

Some women still experience monthly bleeding while using birth control.

Is it normal to start your period early during the first month of taking birth control?

Yes, this is completely normal. On hormonal birth control you don't menstruate full-stop because the purpose of the hormonal birth control is to suppress your menstrual cycles in order to stop ovulation - the bleeding women experience on hormonal birth control like the pill is a known as a withdrawal bleed, it's caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when you go from active to inactive pills. It's normal to experience irregular bleeding for the first three months on any new form of hormonal birth control while your body adjusts to going from a normal menstrual cycle to this new pattern of bleeding - if it lasts longer than three months, talk to your doctor.

If your on birth control and you dont have periods why would my vagina be bleeding?

all birth control methods apart fom condoms can cause irregular break through bleeding. it is normal

Can stopping birth control cause irregular periods?

Yes it is possible to experience an irregular menstral cycle when you discontinue taking birth control. This is because when you take birth control it actually regulates your period. By stopping birth control you may experience breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding is when you menstruate at times when you normally would not begin your menstral cycle. Breakthrough bleeding can possibly last for up to a full period or longer. Stopping birth control may also stop your period for a month or longer or you may not receive your period around the normal time of which you used to when you were taking your birth control.It depends sometimes you're period gets normal after birth control but sometimes it may still keep being irregular. It depends on the person and or pills

You missed a day of birth control and now you are spot bleeding?

So, you missed a day of birth control and now you are spot bleeding. This is normal, but it is important to realize that you are not protected from pregnancy. You should continue taking your birth control pills as normal and use an additional form of contraception for 2 weeks.

Is a one day bleed normal on the pill?

This is normal on the morning after pill but it is not normal on birth control, unless this is your first period on birth control then you may experience a lighter than normal period for you.

Is it normal to bleed after stopping your birth control pills?

Yes, when you stop birth control pills, the hormone levels in your body drop. Then you have withdrawal bleeding.

If you stop taking your birth control pill then start bleeding can you still get pregnant?

The bleeding is the withdrawal bleed and is normal. This occurs when you stop taking birth control for over a few days. You can become pregnant.

Is it normal to have bleeding while on birth control?

if you are bleeding while on birth control you need to see your dr. you may need to try a different brand. there are many answers to this question and you need to talk to your dr about this.

Is bleeding after birth control harmful?

Hello. No bleeding after using birth control isn't harmful hun. If you have stopped birth control and are bleeding, this is perfectly normal and is happening because your experiencing break through bleeding from the withdrawal of the pill. If you are bleeding while on birth control and have missed some pills - then this is why your bleeding. Dont miss any pills and you wont bleed. If you are bleeding while on birth control and are taking the pills correctly and haven't missed any, then this is most likely due to the doseage of the pill not being high enough. See your doctor for a change of pill or increase in doseage. Take care!

If you stopped taking Birth Control pills can it cause bleeding after sex which lasts for several days afterward?

Hi, This is most likely the withdrawal bleeding and this is normal. It does occur a few days after stopping birth control.

Is it normal to have brown spotting instead of a period when you're on birth control?

Hormonal birth control changes your menstrual bleeding. It's not unusual to have brown spotting instead of a regular period when you're on birth control.

Is it normal to have bleeding while taking birth control?

yes because it messes your menstrual cycle up

Is it normal to have bleeding stop and restart after stopping birth control?

yes your body isnt regulated yet

Can birth control cause spotting?

That is a normal symptom while you are on birth control. You can't expect for your period to be completly gone for 3 months without a little bit of bleeding. This doesn't mean that you are not using the birth control correctly. It is a normal symptom and shouldn't be any worry

Can antibiotics cause bleeding if you're on the birth control pill?

Yes this is normal. Do not have unprotected intercourse during this time as birth control pills will fail due to being on antibiotics.

You took 5 contracepive pills to stop your period an now you are stil bleeding 1week later?

It's normal to have bleeding after stopping the birth control pill.

Could you be pregnant if you're on birth control and have normal periods but this month it was normal but then 2 days later you got this very light bleeding?


Is it normal not to start you're period on the pill jazz?

It is normal for many women not to have monthly breakthrough bleeding while taking Birth Control Pills.

What if I missed 2 birth control pills and have bleeding?

The bleeding is caused by missing the birth control pills and is known as break through bleeding. If you are sexually active you will need to take the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy from occurring. Meanwhile, use a back up method of protection for 14 days to prevent pregnancy from occurring and continue taking birth control daily as normal.

You stopped using birth control pills now you have heavy bleeding is that normal?

The birth control pill makes bleeding lighter by prevening heavy buildup of the uterine lining. When you stop, your period will go back to its previous pattern, before you were on the pill.

On the birth control implanon nexplanon I bleed when I do any hard enough physical activity such as running rocj climbing dancing etc Is this just part of the irregular bleeding?

When on the birth control Implanon Nexplanon, you can experience irregular bleeding. However, it doesn't seem normal that physical activity would make it worse. It may be best to speak to your doctor to determine if this is something that he/she has seen before, and if not, it may be time to find a new birth control.

When will period become regular after taking birth control pills for 3 months?

You don't get periods if you use birth control pills. Hormonal birth control pills work by suppressing the menstrual cycle so that a woman no lover ovulates, as she no longer ovulates it means that she no longer menstruates - the bleeding you get while on the birth control pills is withdrawal bleeding caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when you go from the active to inactive pills. Withdrawl bleeding is meant to mimic menstruation but it is in no way the same thing. It's normal to experience irregular bleeding for the first three months on the pill as your body adjusts from having menstrual cycles to this pattern of withdrawal bleeding - if irregular bleeding continues after 3 months talk to your doctor about a different brand.

Is it normal to have severe cramping and irregular bleeding after you stop birth control?

ya you should go see someone as in a doctor