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You will find that this "pressure" is not your uterus, but your bowel. It is probably bloating. Pregnancy causes your digestive system to slow down so that your body can absorb more from the food you eat to support the baby. This is why you get constipated when you are pregnant. Your body knows that it is pregnant and has told your bowel to slow causing pressure in your lower abdomen. Try to eat a lot of bran products to get your bowel moving.

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Q: Is it normal to feel pressure when you are only 2 weeks pregnant?
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Is it normal to feel pressure when you are about 2-3 weeks pregnant?

Yes, the placenta is growing and moving things out of the way.

Can you feel the baby move at 8 weeks pregnant?

No, most women feel the baby at 16 weeks. For the first pregnancy, 20 weeks or later is normal

You are 4 weeks pregnant you feel sick but have not been sick Is this normal?

Ask your Mom

Is it normal for a woman that is 33 weeks pregnant to feel a lot of pressure after a pelvic exam?

Hey! I remember that! Not only after a digital exam by doc, but after intercourse too. VERY normal. Baby's having a snooze on your pelvis. Enjoy the last few weeks!

Is it normal to feel like you have a fever at 5 weeks pregnant?

yes it is very normal. when you are ovulating or pregnant, your basal temperature goes up. you're fine (:

Is it normal to have lots of vaginal pressure at 21 weeks?

yes but if you feel it concerning, see a doctor

Is belly growling at 10 weeks pregnant normal?

Well I am 9 weeks pregnant and it feels like my belly is constantly growling I feel embarrased sometimes but it is all perfectly normal so my Doctor has told me.

I'm about 3 weeks pregnant why do you feel so hungry is it normal?

yes it is normal, because everyone reacts diffrently to pregnency.

Can you feel your belly getting hard into 3 weeks of pregnancy or does it feel completely normal?

It will feel completely normal. At 3 weeks past conception (which doctors call 5 weeks pregnant) your baby will be 1mm long. There will be no changes in your body that you can see or feel. In a couple of weeks, a trained doctor will be able to feel a change in your uterus, but you will probably not be able to feel it.

You are 38 weeks pregnant and feel dizzy with a bit of a headache what does this mean?

Either high blood pressure or preeclampsia

When your 9 weeks pregnant is it normal to feel sick all through the day?

I was all throughtout nine weeks so i would say yes

If pregnant how soon can you feel your uterus if you push can you feel it at 7 weeks?

I can feel mine at 7 weeks.

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