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It depends, how big is it? Length? Width? Shape?

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Q: Is it normal to have a big penis when your 11?
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Im 11 and your penis is 1 in is that normal?

It is normal for you. Everyone develops at a different rate. At 11 you probably have not started puberty yet. You have a lot of growing to do in general and that will include your penis. You shouldn't worry about it. We all get what we get and there is nothing to do that is going to change that. How big your penis is has nothing to do with who you are or how you live your life.

Is a penis big im 15 and its 7.5 inch?


Is it normal to be thirteen with a ten inch penis?

I am 17 and i have a 10 inch penis. Haha your blessed. When i was 13 it was like 8 inches. Your not normal, but your not weird, you just have a big penis!

Is it normal to have a 7 inch penis aged 11?

woah that's way too big shrink it down, bro! average for 11 year olds is 2 or 3 inches!

Is it normal for hamsters penis to get big and red for few seconds?


It's big or normal to have a 14 centimeters penis at 14 years?


If im 15 and your penis is six inch is that big?

No, it's fairly normal.

What is a average penis size for a age 11 Mine is 4 inches when it is erect Is that normal?

5 to 7 inches is the size of a grown man's penis so 4 inches at age 11 would seem normal.

At 13 is a 5.5 inch penis big or normal?

well the size of the average mans erect penis is 5.5- so for a boy of 13 years it is pretty big.

Does daniel radcliffe have a big or small penis?

No what? that's not normal! Theres something wrong with you!

Is a 6 inch penis big enough for 15 years old?

Yes you are normal.

Is a 2inch penis size normal for a 11 year old?

Everyone grows at their own rate so yes its normal

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