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If this is unusual for you then see your Dr for a pregnancy blood test.

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Q: Is it normal to have a dark and clotty period if you stop the birth control patch mid-cycle?
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Bright red and clotty period what could this mean why so bright and clotty?

If menstrual bleeding and clotting is different from normal for several months it may be a good idea to bring this to the attention of your doctor. This is normal in small amounts but an ongoing situation may need further treatment.

What could cause you to experience an extremely painful and clotty period with less bleeding than your normal period during the placebo week your first month on the pill?

This is most likely due to recently starting birth control as this happened because your body is still adjusting to the medication. If it happens again next month then see your Doctor.

Is your period supposed to be normal after getting off birth control?

Everyone starts getting their period after birth control eventually.

If your period came early but was light and not clotty can you still be pregnant?

Hello. Yes there is a chance you could be pregnant because your period came earlier than normal for you and was lighter than normal for you. Because of this there is a small chance of pregnancy. See your doctor for a blood test or do a home pregnancy test. The blood test is highly accurate. Please recommend me if I've helped you. :o)

You stopped taking birth control in December your period came like clock work In January and February your period was early But march your period is late Is this normal?

I stopped taking my birth control in December and in January I came on my period but in february I didnt come is this normal

When on microgestin is it normal to have all your pms symptoms but have a very lightnext to no period at all during your week of placebo pills?

Each birth control pill effects one differently. When you first begin taking BCP's you will experience pregnancy symptoms because of the hormones contained in BCP's. BCP's work by tricking your body into thinking its pregnant and also by preventing Ovulation occurring.BCP's also effect our periods differently. Some women will experience a heavier or more clotty period while others will have a less painful or a lighter than normal period.

I took my last pill today and came on your period is that normal?

This is normal with birth control. You will have a period anytime within the 7 days of the last pills.

Is it normal to start your period 2 weeks early when on birth control pills?

no this is NOT normal, maybe you have forgotten the pill or miscalculated.

You are taking the pill and your period stopped after 1 day?

It is normal to have light periods or no period at all while birth control.

Is it true that birth control or shots can help you ovulate and have a normal period?

no that is not true you it depend on your body and wen ur period is

Is it normal to have a period for 3 days when you just got off birth control?

A short period is common when stopping hormonal birth control. Your regular period should return in four to six weeks.

Quit birth control now back on it and your period is 4 days late is that normal?

NO it is not