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This is something that happens to people sometimes after a tongue piercing. This happened to me after I had had my tongue pierced for about a year. I had to take the piercing out, and the blister wouldn't go away, so I went to the doctor. I was referred to the oral surgeon, who did a simple procedure to remove it. I can't remember what the medical term for it is, but it's pretty simple to get rid of and relatively painless. Unfortunately for me, I am in the small percentage of people who have to go back and get it removed again because another one grew after the surgery. Hopefully it won't be the same for you.Your tongue should not have blisters. What you should do is wash your mouth out with listerine after each meal and then use biotene when you get up and then before you go to bed. If it does not start to look better in 2 weeks then you should go to the doctor. It is fine. It is just because the ball is constantly rubbing on the bottom of your mouth causing it to blister. Same thing happened to me and it went away after a few days. Once your mouth gets use to the tongue ring being there it should be fine.

NO NO don't use listerine! just any alchohol free mouthwash!

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Q: Is it normal to have blisters after a tongue piercing under your tongue where the ball rests on your mouth?
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What are the small purple blisters under the tongue?

Purple blisters on the tongue or inside of your mouth are called blood blisters. These can be caused by biting the inside of your mouth or tongue.

Is it normal for a tongue piercing to make a indention in the roof of your mouth?

If you constantly rub it against the roof of your mouth, yes.

How sanitary is a tongue piercing?

A tongue piercing is said to be the most unsanitary piercing due to the germs in the human mouth. With proper care and maintance it can be managed.

How can you tell when your tongue piercing is not swollen?

Your tongue will return to it's normal size and the barbell will begin to feel too long for your mouth. At this point it is time to go back to your piercer and have them change the barbell.

Will a tongue piercing effect the way I talk?

Only while your tongue is swollen or if the barbell is too long for your mouth.

What to use to glue a piercing on your tongue?

There is no glue which you should use for a prolonged period of time in your mouth. If you want a tongue piercing; get one, otherwise leave the glue outside your body.

Does tongue piercing raise breathalyzer results?

No. It's just steel or plastic in your mouth.

Is it normal for your tongue to be numb in one spot after a piercing?

It is not normal for your tongue to be numb after piercing. Try exercising the tongue by rolling it and moving it around, if the feeling doesn't come back go see a doctor, the piercer could have hit a nerve in your tongue. I had my tongue pierced but no I didn't experience numbness. If the feeling doesn't come back soon I would go see a doctor, because you have nerves and veins under there that may have been affected. Not to sound like a "Mom" but these problems are why tongue piercing are illegal now and hard to come by. I had to take mine out because it was making a hole on the roof of my mouth from rubbing. So just be careful!! ----------------Tongue piercing is not illegal everywhere, nor is it a majorly dangerous practice. The reason you get problems with rubbing holes inside your mouth has more to do with having the wrong jewelry. BE CAUTIOUS of those piercing outside of an established studio and make sure that YOU, yourself keep your piercing clean. Yes there are nerves in your tongue that can be damaged but it's rare.

Could you get a abscess in your mouth from getting your tongue periced?

It is possible but only if you dont clean the piercing. If you clean the piercing then it is a very slim chance.

What causes tongue blisters?

Tongue blisters can be caused by viruses, trauma or allergy. It causes pain and interferes with eating and drinking. It is also caused by deficiency of Vitamin B. People with vitamin B deficiency usually experience blisters in mouth because their immunity towards bacterial infection decreases.

What will happen if a cow has blisters on its tongue?

Blisters on the tongue usually indicate that the animal has been eating toxic vegetation or that the animal has hoof and mouth disease. Your veterinarian can provide a prognosis in either case. Hoof and mouth disease is contagious so, you need to act on that out quickly so you can possibly save your herd.

Can a fever cause blisters on the top and bottom of your tongue?

That's probably herpes of the mouth. Ask your doctor about Valtrex after he examines you if it is.

Small tongue behind your normal tongue what is that?

The appendage hanging down from the roof of the mouth at the rear of the tongue is called the uvula.

Can you use salt water on tongue piercing?

Salt water is great for cleansing sores in your mouth (gargling it at least). Can't see why that would be bad for cleansing your tongue piercing. (Just don't swallow! Ouch.)

Can nitrofurantoin cause you to have blisters on the tongue?

The Properties of nitrofurantoin can in some cases cause blisters on the tongue or around the mouth. But it has been found that the blisters result from over-usage or improper application methods, but no worries to help clear them up just stop using NF for a couple days and if the blisters get progressively worse then consult a physician or another licensed medical professional.

Can salt give you blisters on your lips?

Cheap salt and food with normal salt/cheap salt give me blisters in my mouth. Now I always buy the expensive salt and that is OK and does not cause any blisters.

Why does your tongue swell every morning?

Your tongue swells because the piercing is still healing and when you sleep, your heart and tongue are on the same level. With your mouth open and snoring at night this tends to dry the tongue and the swelling occurs. The swelling will ease off over time as the piercing toughens up and heals further.

What is oral piercing?

Oral means mouth so basically getting your tongue or your lip or even cheek pierced.

How long so you have too keep washing your mouth out after smoking cause of tongue piercing?

just try not smoking

What are the red blisters on the back of your tongue and a bad bad taste in your mouth and a dry mouth with a white coating on the tongue?

Hello. This sounds like a mouth thrust infection or even tonsilitis. You will need to see your doctor to be certain and to have some antibiotics to clear this up. A swab test may need to be done to examine the bacteria on your tongue. Good luck. I think the white coating on the tongue is normal bcoz I hav it and so do other ppl, the red blisters on the other hand maybe sumthing! are these big or small? and are they all ova ur tongue? if u look close at ur tongue u hav lil lumps and bumps, maybe red due to tongue colour, these are taste buds! if u dn't think it is this then go get it checked out!

Can alcohol peroxside clean a tong piercing?

i wouldn't clean a tongue piercing with peroxide. when you first get your tongue pierced you're suppose to clean it with antiseptic mouth wash and you are suppose to drink liquids for a whole week when you first get it pierced.

What type of food can you eat after a tongue piercing?

After a tongue piercing you should generally eat soft, bland foods until the swelling goes down. You should also rinse out your mouth with listerine or gly-oxide after each meal.

What does a mouth ulcer look like?

Normally they are found between your cheeks and gums, under the tongue or on the sides of the tongue. They are either white round patches if on the tongue and small white blisters with pink areas if under the gums.

How old should you be to get a tongue piercing?

I think its 16 with parents consent. But I'm 12 and I had it done when i was 11. I had no problems, only a few days of normal swelling. I can eat fine. The tongue bar does give your mouth a nasty smell but if you brush your teeth regually its fine.

When you get your tongue pierced is it normal to have the roof of your mouth swell up?