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If you miss your period, call your doctor immediately. A missed period may indicate that you are pregnant.


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Q: Is it normal to not have a period on nuvaring?
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I just started NuvaRing first time and put it in when I started my period like I was told now my period stop is that normal?

Yes, inserting the first NuvaRing will often shorten a woman's period.

Is it normal to skip the first period after using the nuvaring?

It is possible to skip the first period after using the NuvaRing. You may also get bleeding late in the ring-free week, unlike with the birth control pill.

Is it normal to use NuvaRing for the first time for only one week and then be one week late for your period?

Actually, yes. The way it is for my period while on Nuvaring is after three days of it being out, my period starts. It's like clockwork. But I recall the first time I used Nuvaring my period was about a week and a half late. I was freaking out too because I thought I was pregnant. But luckily, I got my period.

You have spottings while your week free of nuva ring is that normal?

Spotting or even a normal period are normal with Nuvaring. If your period goes on for longer than normal (7 days or so) contact your doctor, as this might be a sign that something is wrong.

Can inserting your NuvaRing prior to your period cause it to be missed or late?

Yes, inserting NuvaRing before your period can delay bleeding.

Do a NuvaRing stop your period if it just came on?

NuvaRing may or may not stop your period if you insert it on the first day of bleeding.

Can NuvaRing stop your period?

nuvaring shouldn't stop your period. you should have lighter periods lasting less days. it could vary between women. when i used nuvaring I still had a lighter less uncomfortable period.

Will you get your period if you remove nuvaring early?

If you remove NuvaRing early, you may have withdrawal bleeding.

If you start your period while the NuvaRing is in does this mean you have done something wrong?

the same thing just happened to me, and I was really upset but I called organon, they said its perfectly normal, especially if i started using nuvaring recently.

Can inserting NuvaRing stop your period?

Your period may stop after inserting NuvaRing, just as your period may stop after starting a new pack of Birth Control pills.

Can your period stop after inserting NuvaRing?

Your period may stop after inserting NuvaRing, just as your period may stop after starting a new pack of birth control pills.

What are the chances of having a normal period this month if you used the continuous method with NuvaRing last month?

The withdrawal bleeding you have is not likely to be heavier, as the ring prevented buildup of the uterine lining, as usual. Any amount of bleeding or spotting counts as a withdrawal bleed when you're on NuvaRing.

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