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yes, some girls start wearing them when they are 7

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Q: Is it normal to start wearing training bras at 9?
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What age should you start buying bras?

you should start buying training ones at about really late third grade if needed but most girls start with training bras at really early 4th grade and transition to real bras about 6 weeks after you start wearing training bras and wear it every other day to get used to it.

Can you get breast cancer from wearing training bras?


When to start wearing a bra?

When your breasts start developing you should start wearing crop tops/training bras. Once you have developed large enough to fit into an A cup, you should wear a proper bra.

When should you start wearing an actual bra?

One cannot determine when to start wearing a real bra by the girls age, it all depends on weather you need it or not, but usually girls start to wearing training bras/ crop tops underneath their shirts when they are 10-12 years of age, then you start to wear a normal bra when you feel that you need one.

When do girls wear bras?

Normally when they start the early stages of purberty, which can be as young as 8 (2nd grade) This is when they start developing breast buds. Most start around here with training bras or sports bras. Most start any from 10-12 (4th-6th grade)with normal bras.

How old do you start wearing training bras?

Whenever you are ready for it. If you have just slightly developed but not enough for a cup bra then it is the perfect time!

Is 13 to young to be wearing a bra?

No way!!! Its perfectly normal.. In fact, some kids start wearing one at ten! Don't be embarrased! ........................................................................................................................ thats perfectly normal :) most thirteen year olds wear bras

When should a girl begin wearing a bra?

Most girls start wearing bras when they are eight years old

Who has had plastic surgery that has been successful?

My mothers friend got breast enlargement. She was pretty much wearing training bras and now shes wearing a 32C.

What age should a girl start wearing training bras?

We it pends on how big ur boobs are, i started in 3rd grade but mine were quite bigger than the other girls in my class. My little sister is in 3rd and all ready wearing them

When do girls need bras?

I would said ages 9-12 is when they should start wearing bras. It is a personal preference and what there parents think is appropriate.

Does wearing padded bras stops breast growth?

Wearing padded bras doe not stop breast growth.

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