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it is normal to have pubic hair at 15 because I'm 10 and i got pubic hair so it is normal.


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totally normal im the same i just have pubic hair.

Most 15 year old boys do not shave their pubic hair, but it is not abnormal. Whether or not to shave one's pubic hair is a personal preference.

yep it's normal, some guys have little to no armpit hair even as adults

Pubic hair grows during puberty, and continues into adulthood. As for it being grey, well, this can happen.

Do not worry it will eventually grow as you mature.

If u don't have pubic hair by the age of 12, i reccomend that you see a doctor of physician. What he or she said is not true i was about 15 years old when i got pubic hair don't worry.

every body above the age 15

Yes, just as you will sometimes see people with white streaks in the hair on their head, it can also be seen in the pubic region.

Answer :I have heard of this happening before. I think the best thing to do is take her to the doctor and see what they say. Answermy daughter is 15 months old and I have noticed pubic hair covering her vagina area. My 6 year old has none. Is this normal?

Yes, you can get hair down there when you are as young as 8 actually.

As a 15-year old guy it is not bad to shave your pubic hair, unless your religious beliefs determine otherwise.

This is completely normal... I got pubic hair when I was ten, but my sister didn't get it 'til she was 15. It's just part of puberty. More thoughts: My daughters and I started puberty at 8-9. By 10-11 we all had thick pubic hair. Oh, I made the choice at 18 to shave my pubic bare. My girls have seen my shave vulva since they were little and started shaving their vulva as soon as the hair started growing. That was their choice.

Answer Of corss you are, but you don't have to worry if you feel not normal. Everyone is different and that means they grow differently.

It totally depends on if you like hair there. If you like it, then yeah it's fine. I am 15 years old, and I have pit hair. A long with pubic hair. I don't mind having hair underneath my arms and around my penis. It's a normal thing to have hair growin while in puberty.

don't wat Eva u do don't

sometimes most people get pubic hair near their private place before others and for like women it's very common for a young women to develop breasts before her peers

Dude its normal! come on.. Im Indonesian too... no

It usuall starts about the time you get pubic hair and hair under your arms. Your breasts will also be developing. Age can vary from 9 to 15

When I was 15, I had little pubic hair, also. In fact, my hair is so thin, light weight, sparse body hair, so my pubic hair was not as heavy as other guys at the school gym. Anyway, since I was masturbating by then, I decided to shave off all the little I had. Wow! Sensational. Do not worry about how much hair you have. In fact, shave what you have off. Go to Google or Bing, ask "Shaving Pubic Hair" and find out the safe way to do it. You will love the way your body looks and feels. Check with your pals what they are or not doing and the guys at the school gym. It is your body, it is your life, enjoy it. Get over any hang ups about your body.

You can devide the pubic hair practice of people in several categories. The following five practices are the most common: natural (= no modification), hair limited to the swimwear area, shaped, shortened and completely removed. The number of people in each category depends on the gender. According to a survey about 30% of all women keep their pubic hair natural. Of the women who modify their pubic hair about 15% limit their hair to the swimwear area, 5% have it shaped, 15% of women shorten it and 35% have it completely removed. About 35% of all men do not modify their pubic hair. 5% limit their hair to the swimwear area, 5% have it shaped, 35% of men shorten it and 20% have it completely removed. For more details or to participate vistit the link below.

When you reach puberty you will start to grow pubic hair along with many other changes to your body. Puberty starts at different times for everyone but usually around the age of 11 for girls and 12 for boys. Early bloomer start puberty at age 9 . Soon after they become first pubic hair. But other boys hit puberty at 14 or 15 . Its natural if you dont get pubic hair like all of your friends are, you are just a little late but you will get there.

Puberty is a stage for girls usally ages 11-13 and for boys 13-15 where a persons body begins to develope. Girls develope pubic hair larger breast period voice change more hair growth on legs Boys develope pubic hair chest hair voice change

you certainly are going through puberty, just a little more patience (which is difficult) all will be well in a few more months!!

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