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Well it depends. Are you adding a game? If you are then it should only take about 15 minutes. I f not, then i'd suggest turning it of and as soon as it comes on press A+B and it will reset.

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Where are the feebas in blue rescue team?

you need to get an action replay and look over the internet for the code

Is there a Action Replay for HeartGold and SoulSilver?

No Yes and you can find action replay codes for the action replay for heartgold ans soulsilver all over the internet.

How do you shoot blue shells over and over on Mario kart?

i dont think you can... maybe there is a cheat for it but you would need an action replay and/or an R4 Revolution

How do you you change your persons name in Pokemon Diamond using an Action Replay?

only if you have action replay or you start over

Do you have to start diamond over with action replay?

No you dont.

How do you use a action replay ds?

When you use an action replay 99% of the time your save file will be corrupted and you will have to start the game over.

My action replay ds won't work every time i try to put the game id the bottom screen goes blue and red?

well sometimes the action replay does stuff to your game like crash it. the instructions say use at your own risk. the action replay crashed my friends game so he started over, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use it!

How do you out of Victory Road?

You can go through it or if you have action replay then you can walk over it.

Where is newmoon island on pokemon platinum?

that was an event that is over but you can get there with action replay

Can you catch arceus without using action replay?

there was an event at toys-r-us but its over so no you cant catch him anymore without cheats or action replay

What should you do if your DSi freezes with Action Replay in it?

You should just turn it off and then take the action replay out and then blow on it and then put it back in and start over on the code. (If you were typing a code)

Why won't my action replay PSP work on my PSP?

It wont work because you system software is or is over 6.30. The action replay people are trying to work out a way for it to work.

How do you get a Pokemon over lv100?

impossible! not matter what you can't do it not even with action replay

How many codes can you use for Pokemon on action replay?

over 50 codes

Is there a way to get Darkrai without membercard?

yes action replay but over whys no

How do you get the special event Celebi if its over?

You'll need to use the Action Replay.

How to get Blue mew in pearl?

The only way would be to trade over the GTS, trade with a friend, or to use Action Replay codes.Mew cannont be caught in regular gameplay.

What is the code to get Pokemon Platinum on action replay?

I'm afraid you cannot use a code to get Pokemon Platinum. You will have to buy the game from a store. The action replay has no control over playing games you do not have.

What do you do if a game freezes on your action replay?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news have to turn it off and start should save periodically if you are using an action replay..I found out the hard way!

Is there an action replay code to beat the battle tower on platinum over 2000 times?


How do you catch Arceus in Pokemon SoulSilver?

it has to be traded over or linked or by using a action replay

How do you get Lugia in platinum with out action replay?

Trade it over from heart gold or soul silver

Action replay code for Pokemon diamond to get your Pokémon's level over 100?


How do you add codes to the action replay for Nintendo ds?

If your Action replay came with a cord and a CD, Put the CD in your computer. You will need internet. Go through the installation, but look to where the box is that says "automatically run Action replay manager" and check the box. Then plug the small end of the cord into the Action replay, a slot near where you put in the game you want to play. Put the action replay in your DS and turn it on. When the Action replay gets to the main screen, it SHOULD automatically start saying "receiving updates". GO back to the computer Action replay manager and scroll over the DS icons. One should say "receive updates". This will put all the current codes on your action replay, so ENJOY!

Where do you get action replay for GameCube because I ordered it all over the internet and all it gave me was an action replay for GameCube that works with wii?

You can not get it on Game cube only on WII but the game cube games

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