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Q: Is it ok to eat a frozen turkey with black spots on it?
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Is it safe to eat turkey liver with black spots on it?

That depends on what the black spots are.

Are black spots on a raw turkey ok?

When black spots have formed on raw turkey, it is not ok to eat and needs to be discarded. The turkey has been in the freezer for too long to be edible.

What does it mean when a Frozen turkey has a black spot on skin?

It's diseased. Don't eat it. you had it in the deep freezer for too long.

How long can a frozen turkey remain frozen and be good to eat?

One million years

Is it safe to eat a turkey frozen for 2 years?


Is it safe to eat broccoli with black spots?

It is not safe to eat broccoli with black spots. This could be a sign of mold that may be dangerous if ingested.

Why do some food get black spots when old?

because when it is old and has black spots if you eat it you will get food pouison and will sometimes die.But the rison it has black spots on it is that it means that it has been in the fridg to long.

Is it safe to eat ground turkey that's been frozen for 8 months?

no it isent

Is it safe to eat okra with black spots on it?

Okra that has black spots should not be eaten. Okra pods will be green and firm when they are fresh.

What temperature does the turkey have to be before you can eat it?

It depends on the size and weight of the turkey, and how long it has been frozen. Check the recipe for the right temperature.

Is rice with black spots safe to eat?

no, it is not safe to eat and may lead to death.

How do you know if a frozen turkey is good?

Smells and looks normal or the easiest way is to cook it and eat it