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I thinks it means the shot is wearing off

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Q: Is it ok to have brown discharge when you stop using the shot?
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Can Depo-Provera cause brown discharge?

AnswerYes, brown discharge is normal while on the shot when you first start taking the shot. It's also normal to get it right before you need to get another shot. Keep in mind it's normal if it's SPOTTED brown discharge. If it is not spotted, you might want to call your doctor. After a few months, most people completely stop periods and discharge. I haven't had a period in almost THREE YEARS!!!!

You been off the shot for more than two years Is it normal to have a white discharge after you stop the depo shot?

White or clear discharge every day without odor or itching is part of the normal human condition for women. This discharge is your body's way of keeping the vagina moist and comfortable.

What can a brown discharge after periods end mean?

That is just a little bit of old blood. It should stop soon.

Will brown discharge interfere with pregnancy test?

usually brown mean old I wouldn't think that could stop a accurate reading..hope this helps :)

Can you spot if you're on Depo-Provera?

Yes you can. Normally, only after the first injection. But sometimes even after the second injection. But most people stop spotting after the first shot. But there are other side effects. Weight gain (10-15 lbs), brown discharge, and stomach pains.

You have brown discharge at the end of your last period what does it mean?

If you have a brown discharge at the end of your period, this typically is just dried/left over blood. It should stop within a few short days after your period. Which is why it's good to wear something like pantiliners, even when you're done with your period.

What would cause your period to stop and start up again three times in six days and be a brown bloody discharge?

You should see your OBGYN.

Thick brown discharge pain in vagina cramping?

Consult your doctor immediately if your pain is constant and non-stop. This may not be the beginning or end of a period.

How do you get the white stuff to stop coming out on your underwear?

This is called discharge and girls have it before they start their period. You can stop it coming onto your underwear by using Tampons. This will stop it getting out and making you feel uncomfortable all day.

How long does brown discharge last while on the nuva ring?

If you have irregular bleeding or spotting in the first three cycles of NuvaRing, it is likely to improve before the third cycle is done. Brown discharge during the ring free week is common (instead of red) and will stop before or just after the next ring is inserted.

Can discharge stop after 14 weeks pregnancy?

No, you always discharge. That is the vaginal cleaning system.

Does using brown paper bag stop nose bleed?

Breathing in and out of a brown paper bag has been used to help treat hyperventilation, not nosebleeds.

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Does your discharge stop before you get your period?

It can stop a few days before. (or at least it does for me)

Is it possible that the depo birth control shot could cause you to stop having vaginal discharge?

I heard it stops for the length of the shot duration, and you only have 4 periods a year, instead of 12. Consult a doctor when it comes down to your own personal health.

Is it normal to wipe brown few days after period has ended?

Yes, it's completely normal to have brown discharge for a few days after your period has ended. Your period doesn't just suddenly stop, it can take a little while for the last of the blood to leave your body.

Is there a shot for dogs to stop pregnancy?

No, there is no shot you can give a dog to abort their pregnancy.

When do you stop getting your period after the first shot of Depo-Provera?

Every woman's body is different. The nurse told me it would take 3 months. I haven't had a period for the entire time I have been on the depo shot. But.. I have had the vaginal discharge that is sort of rare. The nurse also told me if/when you do have your first period after starting the depo shot, it can last up to 3 weeks.

How do you stop a zombie?

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When can you stop using Answerscom?

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Will the white discharge stop when you are in very early stage of pregnancy?

White discharge is often a sign of an STI anyhow you should see a doctor

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How can a girl know if her depo shot hormones have stop working?

You should assume that you no longer have protection from Depo Provera when you are late for the next shot. If you don't want to get pregnant, start using another birth control method at that time.

Why does an arrow shot in an openfield stop?


What do girls get before period?

As disgusting as it sounds and I don't know exactly what you wanna know from this, but before a girls period starts, some will get brown gunky discharge that comes out the vagina and stops when blood starts coming out. Then a period will stop with the brown gunk coming out again at the end. Hope this helps.

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