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The answer is NO if you're referring to BGLOs. This is frowned on and can get you blackballed.

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Q: Is it ok to pledge for a specific sorority during undergrad and not get accepted but pledge a different sorority's Grad Chapter?
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What is the goal that leads to the conflict for the protagonist in initiation?

Her goal is to get accepted into the sorority.

What is a pledge manual in sororitys?

A book/binder full of information about your sorority. It's like the how to book. Think, sororities for dummies. It has all your history, what sort of system your chapter has in place, all actives numbers and info, and how to be allowed to go to social events such as date parties and formals.

When did Michelle Obama become a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha?

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How do I deal with a sorority girlfriend?

Dealing with a sorority girlfriend is no different than dealing with any other girl. Show respect for her and her priorities.

What sorority in sorority row?

Theta Pi

What is an antonym of sorority?

Fraternity is the antonym for sorority.

What sorority does Marcelite Jordan Harris belong to a Sorority?

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What is the process for going inactive in a fraternity or sorority?

Ask your President, Exec Board or Standards chair as it is different for every sorority or fraternity, just as their rituals are. What is standard is signing some papers, giving back all your sorority/fraternity related apparel and items, and pledging never to reveal their secrets.

What is Greek sorority sweatshirts?

A Greek sorority sweatshirt is a sweatshirt with the insignia of a sorority on it, typically represented in Greek letters.

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Sorority has four syllables.

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