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no u cant

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โˆ™ 2008-08-07 21:56:17
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Q: Is it ok to put 28day old Dwaf hamsters in with adult dwaf hamsters?
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Is it ok to put 28days old dwaf hamsters in a cage with other adult dwaf hamsters?

NO! The 28 day olds are still babies, and the older ones will eat the younger ones because they are not their offspring! its better to have them in separate cages but if you can make sure there both girls or both boys so they cannot breed.

How much are all kinds of hamsters?

well all i know is that in pets at home dwaf hamsters are about £8.50

When was DWAF-TV created?

DWAF-TV was created in 1967.

How long do roborvski dwaf hamsters live for?

Robo hamsters live for about 1 year, though if you care for them carefully, they can live for at least a year and a half.

Where does lactase work in the body?

lactase only works in red apples and sweets fruits and has been found in dwaf hamsters

How many years do dwaf hamsters live?

They live on average 3 years, but with the right care they can live up to 5.

Can a dwaf hamster choke?


Is the dwarf planet Pluto colder than Neptune?

Yes! dwaf planet Pluto is the coldist planet than planet Neptune because dwaf planet Pluto is far away from the sun and planet Nepune is closer to the Sun. So i think dwaf planet Pluto is the coldist.

Is there a white star name?

White Dwaf

How long do dwaf hammster live for?

two to three years

What makes dwaf hamsters teeth smaller if they've been eating cheese?

Go to a pet store and buy chewing blocks or sticks for hamsters.The average price for chew toys for hamsters are $2.99 to $7.99. Trust me it works

What are the names of the planets that are beyond Neptune?

it would be Pluto but its a dwaf planet

How long a dwaf hamster live?

It live 3-5 years.

Is Pluto a dwaf planet?

Yes, Pluto is a dwarf planet. And yes it is a planet.

What are the names of the seven dwaf?

the 3 dwarf planets are Pluto Eris and ceres :-D

Did people visited all the planets?

people did not go to all planet.But they did go to no dwaf planet

Can dwaf hamsters eat popcorn?

I have seen many videos of hamsters eating popcorn, so I do not see the harm as long as it does not have too much salt and butter on it, since that can upset their stomachs and lead to diarrhea, which can be lethal to hamsters. I am sure you can give popcorn to a hamster as a treat, but don't make it a daily thing to give it.

What object did coopering conclude was actually at the center of the universe?

circle because all of the planets a shaped like a circle even dwaf planet

Is any planet from winxclub real?

i am sorry for the mistak yes they are becuase there is more than one dwaf plants all of the planets from winxclub are true

You think that your Russian dwaf hamster has got a broken leg it is swollen very badly and cant hardly move very well?

A trip to the vet is in order.

What pet store can you buy an Africen dwaf frog?

Just look up pet stores in your area or look online for people who might be able to ship some to you.

What are the names of the dwaf planets?

there are 3 dwarf planets and their names are Ceres Pluto Eris ( they were in order)

What is the name for a black and white hamster i mean by i have a hamster with black and white on it is it a Syrian hamster or what kind?

if the hamster has long har all over the body quite (scruffy looking) then its proberly a russan hamster or if its a small long haired its a russan dwaf if it has short har quite normal sized then its a syririan hamster if its got shortish har (not very long) then its a average chinesse dwaf hamster if its not any of these then i could be a roboroviski dwaf hamster these are quite speedy hard to handle then its one of them hamsters come in differant sizes breed and color my guess if its a syrian hamster if you are not satisfied with this awnser then check the web site at pets at home look at the small pets part and at the left hand side and click pets at store i hope this has gave you the awnser from annomous hamster owner Excuse me for writing this on this. You do have an awesome point(whoever wrote this) but I am guessing the hamster is a Teddy Bear Hamster. This is just a guess but I think it is correct!

Can hamsters live together once they get older?

NO they will kill each other they fight till death only dwaf hamsters and a few other breeds can live together --------------------------- Improved by .PokemonFreak. Actually, if you have two females it is possible for them to become friends. If you put male and female together the female is going to end up pregnant then you have to separate them or else the female will kill the male.

Is it true that female hamsters are more aggressive then males?

Depends on what type of hamster you have. For example i use to havea female Dwarf hamster and let me tell ya she was MEAN! she loved to bite but we sold her on eBay cuz she was horible. and my friend had a male Dwaf hamster and if you bugged him to much he would get a little mean and nip at you. but i wouyld have to say yes some female hamsters are more aggresive the some male hamsters have fun with your new/ old hamster Lilypad617