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from what I have read on this.. YES, you can swim. No worries.

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โˆ™ 2007-08-01 17:58:31
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Q: Is it ok to swim if you have herpes?
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Can you see herpes swim in water?

You can't see herpes swim in water.

Is it ok for a pregnant women to swim?

Yes. Pregnancy is not a contraindication to swim.

Can you catch genital herpes from sharing a swim suit?

Yes there is a 95% chance you will

What is the status of Chris Brown and the fact that his girlfriend may have given him herpes?

ok everyone lets get this straight THEY DO NOT HAVE HERPES GOD

Does one get herpes if they are stupid enough to wear swim suit of a person that might have had herpes over the underwear of course?

NO. it's a sexually transmitted disease.

Is it ok to swallow semen if your partner has herpes?

No. Herpes is a virus and can spread. Most likely you would get cold sores around your mouth. Cold sores are herpes simplex and the same as genial herpes. The person you are having sex with will give you herpes if it is active.

Will the do-nee get herpes if the donor has herpes?

I think you mean the recipiant. It depends on what is being donated, if it's blood then it's ok. Herpes isn't passed through blood so it's not possible to get herpes that way.

Is it OK for two people who have herpes to kiss if they are not having outbkakes?

Herpes can be spread between outbreaks. However it could be the type of herpes you have on your lips may not do that. See your general practitioner doctor about it.

Is it OK to swim while you have shingles?

no way-

Is it ok to swim if you have a water infection?

What is a 'water infection'?

Can you get herpes from a swimming pool?

You can't get herpes from a swimming pool.

What age do most people get herpes?

OK ,anyone can get it at any time so be carfull!!!

Is a toasted cheese sandwich bad for you?

Yes. There is strong scientific evidence to suggest that it gives you AIDS. Ok just herpes. Ok AIDS.

Does a fox swim into the river to catch their fish?

yes they do ok

Is it ok to swim in pool that is light green?

yes it id

How long to wait to swim after putting Black algae killer in to pool?

Aprroximately 45 minutes til' its ok to swim.

How can you decrease your risk of herpes when changing a diaper of a baby with genital warts?

Ok first genital warts and herpes are not the same thing. Second you're not likely to get them from changing a baby.

If a herpes outbreak occurs does it help the sore to swim in the salt water of the ocean?

No it will not help; in fact it will make it burn more.

Is it ok to swim in a suit and tie?

Yes it's great fun!

Is it ok to let a dog swim in a swiming pool with children?


Is a infant can swim?

Some infants can swim but they always need someone with them at all times. Also they need a special swim instrutor who helps them and give the ok. Never try to teach an infant to swim without qualifed supervison.

Can you get herpes from a kiss on the cheek?

NO of course not on the cheek.On the cheek is ok just try to avoid the lips / mouth area.

What would you do if there was a tidal wave?

I would first see if it was ok to swim in and then carry on swimming

Can you swim with high bromine?

no we cant swim with high bromine because bromine has a high density than water and as a result we may sink . ok clear

Can you swim while you are having a herpes outbreak?

Yes you can. Herpes doesn't float around in pool water and unless you have intercourse in the pool then, you're not likely to infect any one while swimming. To be on the safe side don't share towels or swimsuits.