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I would try using Tylenol 650mg instead, to prevent extended bleeding that can occur with Motrin or Advil. An opiate like Lortab/Vicodin would also be a good alternative for a few days.

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2009-03-24 03:22:57
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Q: Is it ok to take Advil after getting your wisdom teeth out?
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Can you take Advil the night before your wisdom teeth get taken out?

yes you can

What medicine can you take to reduce pain when you get wisdom teeth removed?

Ty. #3, vicodin, percocet, or advil

How do you know if you will not get wisdom teeth?

Your dentist can take a special x-ray called a panoral. This will give a good view of all your teeth, including any potential wisdom teeth. This will tell the dentist the likelihood of you getting your wisdom teeth.

When you get your wisdom teeth out can i take a shower?

If by your you mean my wisdom teeth ,then sure, take a shower.

How long do you have to wait to take a dip after getting wisdom teeth out?

I would say wait at least 3-5 days after you get your wisdom teeth out. Waiting a week is the preferred amount of time to wait though.

Can you take ibuprofen after getting wisdom teeth out?

Yes, they say not to take Tylenol or acetomitophen because it causes to blood to thin and can increase bleeding. Hope this helps!

What should you do if the swelling of getting your wisdom teeth removed take more than three days to go down?

I say a week or two from personally having all 4 wisdom teeth out at once. After 3 days I could finally put my top and bottom teeth together!

How long does it take to heal after getting four wisdom teeth removed?

like any where between 10 minutes to 3 months at most.

Ok i lost three bottom front teeth i have all my wisdom teeth can i take my wisdom teeth and file them down to fit in the place of my missing teeth as replacement or at least an anchor for a bridge?

No That's impossible youll just have missing teeth regaurdless But you don't need your wisdom teeth

How long does it take for wisdom teeth to heal after surgery?

Its take 4 months

Do you lose a bit of your eyesight power if you take out your wisdom teeth?

I have never heard of that happening. As far as I know, eyesight has nothing to do with you having or not having your wisdom teeth.

Do you HAVE TO take out your wisdom teeth Even if it does not hurt or bother?

NO! Taking out your wisdom teeth is orthodox but offers no significant advantages over leaving your wisdom teeth in. However, many orthodontists think that for those with a smaller mouth it's the best thing to do.

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