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You can eat after having your wisdom teeth removed, but you should eat food that aren't crunchy, such as mashed potatoes, pudding, and milkshakes.

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Q: What can't I eat after having wisdom teeth removed?
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How long before you can drive after having wisdom teeth cut out?

I don't see why you cant drive after having you wisdom teeth cut out.

Can you have a second set of wisdom teeth after the first have been removed?

yes you can because your baby teeth come out and new ones take their place, so why cant they

Can you chew gum after wisdom teeth surgery?

no you cant

What teeth don't you lose?

the teeth you cant lose are your wisdom teeth you have to get them pulled out by dentist surgeons

Can you chew gum before you get your wisdom teeth pulled?

no you cant

Why cant you smoke after wisdom teeth pulled?

A common complication after having wisdom teeth pulled is called dry socket. This is when the clots that have formed in the holes where the wisdom teeth were come out. The most common cause for this would be suction. Therefore, for a short period of time after the extraction, the dentist or oral surgeon would ask the patient to not do such things as drink through a straw, smoke, or do other things that involve creating suction in the mouth.

Can you smoke marijuana before getting your wisdom teeth out?

Why wouldn't you? not sure what part of removing the teeth your referring to that could connect to toking so cant really answer your question.

You just had your wisdom teeth pulled and you cant keep any foods or drink down what do you do?

Contact your dentist, if you're throwing up they'll want to know.

Is it funner with teeth or no teeth?

teeth your you cant eat is fun to eat lol

Why cant you use your teeth to breathe?

Your teeth are for biting not breathing.

What has teeth but cant not bite?


What has teeth but cant eat?

A comb!

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