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yes it ok

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Is it OK for guys to wear women's yoga pants in public?

Only if they fit. Otherwise it's gauche.

Is it OK for a man to wear womens swimsuits in public?


Is it ok to wear a bra and thong in public?

sure...if you have clothes over them.

Is it ok for a boy to wear his mom's thongs if he is thirteen to school?

It's ALWAYS ok to wear your mom's thong to school, but only if it's sexy!

Is it ok to wear no pant over your adult diaper in a public place as long as you have a shirt and shoes on?

You need to wear pants in public. Diapers are like underwear and underwear needs to be under clothing.

Is it ok for ten year olds to wear diapers?

i am 10 and i wear diapers at night because i wet the bed so its sort of ok only if you wet the bed

Is it ok to wear makeup to school?

You should only wear makeup to school if your parents approve and it is allowed by the school.

Is it ok to wear a bikini if you have a bit of love handles?

only if you feel comfortable!

Is it ok for a male to wear a kilt?

It's traditional for a man to wear a kilt and men are really the only one's who should/are supposed to wear a kilt.

Would it be ok to wear pantyhose with shorts in public if you are a man?


Is it ok to shart in public?

Yes, only if no one knows, and that you change your undies afterwards.

Is it ok to wear clown nose on Halloween?

It is ok to wear any costume on Halloween, so if you were dressing as a clown then you could wear a clown's nose. So yes, it is ok to wear a clown's nose on Halloween.

Is it ok to wear a black velvet skirt in May at a black tie event?

no. only in fall or winter.

Is it ok to wear contact lenses if you have Macular Degeneration?

His it ok to wear contact lenses if u have macular degeneration

Is it illegal to wear a rabbit costume in public?

No, it's not illegal. Some people say that the rabbit sign is for dirty stuff... it means something sexual i think. But it's ok to wear it in public, although people might think u r wearing it on purpose for that meaning.

When is it ok to not wear panties?

No, you should always wear pants.

Is it OK to wear shoes on a trampoline?


Is it OK to wear makeup if your Amish?

no it is not

Can you wear drag suit alone?

no that is not ok definally wear a shirt with it.

Is it ok if a girl cuts the hair on her private?

Ya, I do it too but that is only cause I wear a bikini to tan every day.

Is it okay to wear white to a wedding?

it is usually ok if it is an off white. but usually only the bride wears white. so i would advise to wear a color or a shade of brown

Is it ok for a 15 year old to wear 4.5 inch stilettos?

I think a 15 yr old can wear any heels they can walk Ok in. Some cn only wear 3" heels while others are able to wear up to 6" heels at times. I am not saying they should be walking in these all day long, only as long as they can without pain, learn to walk well from woman who know how first.

Can guys wear skirts in public?

Yeah, it's ok for a guy to wear a skirt in public. I really don't see what the big deal is. Girls should not laugh at boys for wearing a skirt, it's not fair to restrict peoples fashion and its not fair for girls to wear what they like and boys can't. In Scotland, men wear kilts (sp?) which look like skirts, and there's nothing wrong with that, I suppose.

When is ok to wear white?

There are no rules for when to wear white. You can do whatever you want, anyway!

Is it OK to wear diamond ring on your little finger?

When you own diamonds, you can wear them anywhere you want to wear them.