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Is it okay for a puppy to growl when it plays or bites?

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== == * Think of a puppy as a human baby. We all have to start somewhere. Babies cry for a reason, as well as laugh or giggle when they get a little older. They are beginning to get their coordination down as well as they start to grow. Puppies are no different. They will race around, sometimes falling over and get back up and run again. There is nothing funnier than watching a puppy get use to it's first bark. They will gnaw on your hand, arm (sometimes it's teeth just like a human baby) so go to a drug store that sells RUBBER BABY TEETHING RINGS (NO TEETHING RINGS WITH WATER OR GEL INSIDE OF IT) then put it in the freezer of the fridge and take it out a 1/2 hour later so the puppy can chew on that. It's soothing to the gums. Growling while playing is harmless, but it dates back to wild dogs. When a pack of dogs would have a kill the pack would share the meat, but it went in pecking order. Older dogs first, adolescent dogs second and the puppies last (unless the mother shares her food.) Along with this would come low grows (a warning to stay clear and wait their turn.) Don't let the puppy get use to gnawing on your hands or arm, but don't scold it. Give them the teething ring and play with the pup along with the teething ring. You are their master/mistress and you need to train them. YOU are the leader of the pack.

2009-06-25 23:04:24
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