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It's not nessicarily "okay"

11 is a very young age to have sex,even having sex at 14 or 15 is considered bad.

This is entirely your decision in the end,but i think it's a bad idea.

You should think of all the consequences before you do it.


Will you get pregnant,and how will you deal if you do?

Does the person your willing to have sex with care for you,and are they only using you?

Are you ready to lose your virginity?

think about those first before you do anything.



it is not ok! the legal limit for sex is set for a very good reason and very bad emotional problems can be caused by underage sex just keep your love protected it is a very precious thing to be given away without heavy consideration

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Is it ok for a 14 year old boy to sleep with a 14 year old girl?

If you mean to have sex, no, it is not okay. Both are below the age of consent.

Is it okay for an eleven year old to have a serious relationship?

Yes, only if the girl is much older and you are having sex with her.

Is sex okay for a twelve year old?

Absolutely Not.

Is it legal for an 18 year old girl and a 14 year old boy to date as long as the parents are okay with it?

Yes, but no sex, cause that's statuatory rape.

Can a 18 year old boy be in trouble for dating a 15 year old girl in SC?

No. As long as you guys arent having sex until she is 18 years old then its okay.

Can a 15 year old girl date a 19 year old guy?

I am in the same i think that if both parents are okay with it and there is no sex involved...then it is okay. but...there are those concerns of other people who might turn you in.

Is it okay for a 15-year-old girl to date a 19-year-old?

yes and no, if you do date a 19 year old its frowned upon but it is illegal to have sex with him because that's considered statutory rape.

Is it okay for a 17 year old girl to date a 22 year old guy?

Yes, if it's ok with your parents. But, guys in their 20's usually want to have sex.

Can a 16 year old girl be with a 18 year old men?

Yes, it is okay for a 16 year old girl to be with an 18 year old man. However, if the relation were to lead to sex, the man could be committing statutory rape. Each state has its own laws for the legal age of consent for sex, so if you are considering having sex, make sure to check your state's laws.

19 year old getting a 15 year old pregnant Michigan?

Well, from my point of view if a girl wants to have sex with older guy than she is, and if she is underaged, its fairly oKaY !

If a 16 year old girl is dating a 22 year old boy and it is okay with both the boy and girls Parents Can they have sex together?

well technically they aren't supposed to but if both parents are okay with it and no one is pressured into it then no one can press charges.

Is it okay for a 15 year old boy to finger a 13 year old girl?

In my opinion, no, however I am a strict "no sex before marriage" type of guy. Plus that is a big age difference

What is the normal weight for a 7 year old who is 4 foot 2 inch girl?

Okay it sort of depends what sex this 7 year old is (girl or boy) because it is scientificly proven that boys can be a bit fatter than girls.

Is it okay for a 14 year old to date a 12 year old if the 14 year old doesn't want sex?

Sure. It's a problem if anyone under 18 wants sex.

Can a 56 year old guy and a 21 year old girl have good sex?


Can an 16 yea old boy with sax 12 year old girl physically feet and ceract your experance holderr?

Okay, I don't get the last part of your question but NO, a 16 year old BOY canNOT have SEX with a 12 year old GIRL. 1) If it's done unwillingly, it's against the law. 2) The girl is UNDERAGE.

Is it legal for a 19 year old boy to date a 15 year old girl in UK?

It is okay to date but if you had sex it would be called statutory rape and if you went to court you could end up in prison.

Is it legal for a 17 year old girl and a 18 year old boy to be dating?

You can date but there can not be any sex or version of sex.

Is it okay for a 16-year-old girl to date a 19-year-old in MI?

theres nothing wrong with dating, but nowadays dating also implies sex, so if your simply dating without sex (which is unlikely) then its fine but if your having sex you will have to check the age of consent which is most likely 16, in which case have at it.

Can a 17 year old girl date a 21 year old girl in Texas?

You could date, but not have sex. The 17 year old is a minor and the 21 year old an adult.

How can a fourteen year old girl get pregnant?

Even a twelve year old can get pregnant if she has sex.

Should a 11 year old date a 10 year old?

it is okay but u have to let them down gentle and u cant pressure the into having sex so don't but it is okay

Is it legal for a 18 year old guy to date a 17 year old girl?

It is legal for the guy to date the girl. It is illegal for the two of them to have sex. The girl is still a minor.Can I Date Them Even Though They Are 1 Year Older/Younger Then Me?Yes, you can still date her/him. If you had sex, this is illegal. NO SEX!

Is it illegal in North Carolina for a 17 year old girl to have a 22 year old boyfriend?

No, it is not. However, it is illegal for a 22 year old man to have sex with a 17 year old girl.

13 year old girl sex?

Why would you want to wate to have sex ,why cant13year olds have sex