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Absolutely not.

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Q: Is it okay to date a girl that makes out with her guy friends?
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Related questions

Is it okay to date some one but like one of their friends?

No, it is not okay to date someone but like one of their friends

Is it okay for a sophomore girl to date a senior boy?

I think its cool to date a boy older. It makes you look more sophisticated and it shows that you dont want to date immature boys younger than you.

Is it okay to date when your in kindergarten?

There is no point in dating at that age. They are children and not ready for any sort of romance. Being friends and having a play date is okay.

Is it okay for a girl to ask the guy for a date?


Is it okay for a black girl to date an Armenian man?

Why not?

Is it okay for a fifteen year old girl to date?,...

How do you talk a girl into liking you?

well you can probably be friends with her a while and then probably ask her out and if she doesnt like you you say 'oh okay i really enjoyed our date thanks again'

Is it okay to date your best friends love?

No. You aren't much of a friend if you do.

What if you are a teenage girl and a like a boy?

Okay if your in love with a child under 12 then it's not okay to to be dating that person or else people will consider you as a raper, but what you could do is become friends with that person until sh/he reaches that age to be able to date you.

Can a actor date a normal girl?

Provided the person is okay with it, anybody can date anybody they like.

When to ask out girls?

Whenever you feel ready. And you and the girl are okay friends.

Is it okay for your boyfriend to continue to be friends with the girl he cheated on you with?

Yes it is okay. You don't control his life. He can be friends with whom ever he likes. As long as he isn't cheating on you at present.

Is it ok for a guy to date a girl who he actually grew up with?

Yes it is okay because you know you two can promise when you guys start dating that you will still be friends even if the relationship ends.

Is it okay to date a girl over xbox?

No. Get a life.Hey person above- stop being mean! It is okay to find a girl to date over X-box.

What do you do when another girl hugs your boyfriend and your boyfriend says its okay that she hugged him and that they are just friends?

If you are secure in your relationship with your boyfriend, don't worry about it. It's okay for guys to have other friends that are girls.

Can a boy that is 14 date a girl that is 10?

i think it will be okay because i want to date Princeton from mindless behavior

Is it okay to date a guy that you knew that's in prison now?

only if your a girl.

Is it okay to date a girl you know but you don't know her that well?

Off course it is

Is it okay if you hold hands and kiss on the first date and i am a girl?

K... I'm a girl as well... I'd say yes but, be careful!

Is it okay to date your best friends ex boyfriend?

You should ask your friend first on how she feels if you date him before asking the guy.

Is it ok to go out with you friends ex boyfriend?

It is never okay to date your friend's ex-boyfriend.

Is it okay to make friends at the workplace?

Yes making friends at the workplace, makes people easier to approach. And work will easily flow.

How do you see your friends friends?

okay well i am not sure about the ?? well if you want to date your friends friend be honest and straight forward if go behind their back it would be worse belive me

Is it bad to date a friend's ex?

i think its okay as long as you tell your friends before, and she doesn't mind.

Is it okay that a 16 year old date a 18 year old girl?

There are no laws about dating.