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There would be no problem in drinking vodka after it thaws.

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Q: Is it okay to drink vodka after it has been frozen?
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Is vodka awesome?

No, vodka is not awesome. It is an alcohol drink that can be okay if taken in moderation, but can also get a person very drunk.

Does vodka and tequila make you sick?

If you drink too much of it, it will make you sick. It's okay in moderation, though.

Is it okay to use frozen pumpkin that has been inthe freezer since 2001?

It is not okay to use frozen pumpkin that has been in the freezer since 2001. That would make the pumpkin 13 years old. Pumpkin will last in the freezer for about one year.

Is it okay to drink from a teapot that has been coated with silver nitrate?

It is strongly not recommended !

Is it okay to drink alcohol when pregnant?

not really, I mean like a glass of wine now and there wont hurt. but if its dealing with vodka, rum, ext. then no its not safe for the baby. Wine every now and then.

Is vodka okay to use to add to amphetamine?

No, absolutely not. It boosts the power of the amphetamines and may cause you to OD with very little vodka.

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All soups can be frozen. Cream soups might separate, but that's okay.

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It depends on the stain. If it is a water base stain then no. If it is a oil or solvent base it should be fine.

If you have half a bottle of premium Vodka and a bottle of well vodka is it okay to pour the well vodka into the premium vodka bottle so its full?

Most people would scream bloody murder at the idea, but vodka is designed to be tasteless, odorless, and colorless. I guarantee that if you did that, no one would know the difference.

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