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is it okay to get pregnant if husband is taking testosterone cypionate

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โˆ™ 2010-02-07 19:26:41
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Q: Is it okay to get pregnant if husband is taking testosterone cypionate?
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Can your wife get pregnant while you are taking testosterone?

That drug is used by men , so the chances are better to get pregnant.

Will husband taking penicilin affect pregnant wife?

No it will not.

Will testosterone cypionate show up in a standard drug test that is only checking for illegal drugs such as cocain or marijuana?

i am taking a low dose but a daily dose of anadrol and want to know will it come up on a work place drig screen

Can taking testosterone be harmful to a man's health?

Taking without the advice of a physician is harmful. If you are taking testosterone in the absence of testosterone deficiency, there will be suppression of normal testosterone production. Also it can lead to cancer

Does taking testosterone help ed?


How long does bactrim last in your system?

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I recently stopped taking bactrim, which is dangerous to pregnant women, when is it safe to begin trying to get pregnant?

Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant if a man is taking a coumadin or blood thinner?

I became pregnant while my husband was on coumadin. So I believe the answer to be yes.

Does taking spearmint lower testosterone levels?


Is androgen therapy used in treating problems of erection?

If after having a blood test to check your testosterone levels (best done in the morning,when your testosterone levels are highest) you find your testo levels are low, I would advise talking to your MD. about testosterone replacement. After taking self injections of testosterone cypionate weekly (painless) I find I have much more energy,libido, and a better sense of wellbeing. These injections are much cheaper than the gels and patches. One point about the testosterone levels. The range that is considered "normal" is very wide-in that one person of the same age can have almost 10 times the amount of total testosterone and both fall in the normal range?

Best product to buy to increase testosterone?

Taking 40 mg of the mineral zinc daily will increase testosterone.

What are the Benefits to taking testosterone supplements?

Obviously, the main benefit from increasing testosterone levels is increased strength and muscle mass.

Can you get pregnant while taking novynette?

can you get pregnant will taking novynette

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