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Is it okay to have energy drinks from Starbucks while pregnant?



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It is a very good idea to avoid drinking excess caffeine while pregnant and to avoid the additives they put in those engery drinks. Taurine, found in Red Bull and some others, is a vital nutrient for cats but is not part of the natural human diet. Even energy drinks that are caffeine free and "natural" are not always a safe bet. Natural does not equal healthy. Arsenic, opium, poisonous mushrooms, sugar and E. coli are all natural too. Talk with your OB about what foods are safe and what to avoid. Some times an additive or homeopathic pill is safe alone but added to pregnancy or other medicines becomes dangerous. And what is safe for a grown woman isn't always safe for babies. Your best advice will always come from your OB, he can also help you think of ways to help beat that sense of afternoon tiredness. :)