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Yes, it will just hurt in more places than getting just one. It should not be a problem. I am not quite sure if you are asking if it is alright to get more than one or two piercings in one sitting or get more piercings at different piercing and or tattoo place. If it is the first one and you are looking to get multiple piercing in one sitting then that would be fin as long as they are not so close as to rip each other out or anything. If it is the second then that is not a problem what soever! I have most of mine done at one place but a shop will not turn you away for having piercing that they themselves did not do. yeah i have them pretty much all surrounding my lips and 1 in my mouth which is on my tongue lol

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Where are professional piercing places to get your cartilage done in Cincinnati?

I highly recommend Skincraft which is down on Hamilton Ave. I've had piercings done there and was completely satisfied with them. My piercer even took the time to check out a couple of old piercings I was having some trouble with. I've also had a couple of piercings done at Beelistic in Clifton, it's also well known to be a good piercing place.

Does walmart do ear piercings?

yes, but they do not do cartilage piercings. and the ear piercings they do perform are done with the gun and for sanitary purposes i wouldn't recommend it.

Would I be allowed to get a tattoo if I faint when I have piercings done?

"allowed" is a funny word.. because how will they know unless you tell them..? Tattoos feel a lot different than piercings.... so you might not faint when/if you get one?

Can a surface piercing be done using normal procedure eg belly button piercing?

Not sure what you're asking. Dermal piercings can be put in the same area as a standard belly piercing would. If you're asking if surface piercings are just like belly piercings, no. Technically, navel piercings are surface piercings. other surface piercings require a different shape bar or dermals if you use them. They're typically deeper too.

Which girls has piercings in The Saturdays?

Vanessa had her nipples done

Are tragus piercings likely to reject?

All piercings have a chance to reject, but the tragus piercing is not likely to reject if done properly.

Were to get 2nd piercings?

If you are talking about the 2nd in regards to lobe piercings then they are generally done about 7 mm behind the first ones :)

Does side labret piercings hurt when you get it done?

All piercings hurt to some degree. It all depends on your pain tolerance.

How are rook piercings done?

Rook piercings are done the same as any professionally provided body piercing. Your local professional body piercer will be able to explain the procedure when you book your appointment.

What piercings are done with a gun?

No piercings should be done with a gun. Its unsafe because it causes trauma (more pain) and the gun cant be autoclaved, which is the only way to prevent spread of disease,

How long can a jacob's ladder piercing stay out before growing closed?

The longer you had jewellery in the piercings, and they have become seasoned piercings (over a year old) then the piercings can remain viable for several weeks (this also depends on the gauge the piercings were done at).

I am a 30 year old black male In my early 20's I had multiple piercings Now I have none but was considering getting my tongue redone Any thoughts?

So long as you experienced no issues with the earlier piercings, then you should be able to get anything done again. I see no issues or concerns.

What is the purpose of lip piercings?

Lip piercings are done for a variety of reasons. Certain people, use lip piercings to create a certain image. Others may use it because it fits their culture.

Where can you get tongue piercings in Seattle?

You can get it done at most of the tattoo shops in Seattle.

Can you close lip piercings?

Yes you can, but you will still have a scar. because piercings are scar tissue. If the piercing was done completely cleanly, then the scar will be very unnoticable.

Where is the best place to get my income taxes done?

Every state has different places to get income taxes done. You can check in the yellow pages to get help with places to get your income taxes done. You can even go to your local bank to get help.

What is the meaning behind body piercings?

People who get piercings typically get them because they like the look of them. Although some piercings (like genital piercings) may also serve a purpose. But in general, body modification is done just because people like the way it changes their appearances.

Can belly button piercings grow out?

Not unless it was done very poorly and is to shallow.

What are bad things about nose piercings?

they usually bleed a little when you gt it done

Does chatters do good ear piercings?

When I got my done , They didn't even get them straight .

How long should ear pircings hurt for after getting them done?

Piercings done with a piercing gun can hurt for several days after the piercing has been done. Piercings done by a professional body piercer using needles generally only hurt momentarily and off and on (twinges) for 24 hours post piercing.

What do piercings mean?

Piercings are a form of self expression. People have been getting piercings done since the beginning of civilization. Nose rings and earrings are mentioned in the Bible as gifts for women. For everyone with piercings, they might actually mean something different. But it is certainly a form of expression or art, one way or another. The Old Testament says that the Israelites, " Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo mark on yourself. I am the Lord.

Why do people feel the need for several piercings?

Its largely just Aesthetics, people think they look sexy. Some are done to increase sexual arousal or pleasure, like say a Prince Albert or a nipple piercing. some are done to increase arousal for their partner, for example, tongue piercings. Really each piercing is done for a different reason that's personal to each individual, in the same way as tattoos.

Belly button piercing?

A belly button piercing,or naval piercing,is basically a piercing on the belly button. It can take about 4 to 6 months to heal after getting pierced. The legal age to get one depends on what state you live in. Most naval piercings are done in tattoo parlors or places that specialize in body piercings.

Why do navel piercings reject?

Its not just navel piercings that can reject, its all piercings! Its a risk you take when you get the piercing done. Your body simply sees the piercing as a bad thing and pushes it out, You can try again with the piercing but it is not recommended in the same place.