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Is it okay to have multiple piercings done at different places?

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April 21, 2008 11:41PM

Yes, it will just hurt in more places than getting just one. It

should not be a problem. I am not quite sure if you are asking if

it is alright to get more than one or two piercings in one sitting

or get more piercings at different piercing and or tattoo place. If

it is the first one and you are looking to get multiple piercing in

one sitting then that would be fin as long as they are not so close

as to rip each other out or anything. If it is the second then that

is not a problem what soever! I have most of mine done at one place

but a shop will not turn you away for having piercing that they

themselves did not do. yeah i have them pretty much all surrounding

my lips and 1 in my mouth which is on my tongue lol

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