Rabbits and Hares

Is it okay to mate rabbits every day?


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If mating rabbits is your profession and you make profit from it then it is ok. But keep in mind rabbits might not mate all season long.


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turtles mate every two to four years. turtles do not mate every year, or day.

They should only mate once a day, every other day, for 5 days (mate the first day, wait a day, mate again, wait a day, mate the third time).

Rabbits need exercise every day for half an hour.

Horses usually mate every spring. A stud can typically mate three times a day.

they mate 24-7 so every day, well every two min. they take a break

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Rabbits can eat cranberries. Just make sure you don't give them too many. 1-2 cranberries a day is okay.

No. Rabbits need daily care. For example: Rabbits need active play and exercise time every day for at least 4 hours. Rabbits also need their cages cleaned out every day. Rabbits need fresh food every day, fresh hay, and water. See the related questions below for more information and links.

okay that's a simmple question and none of use have tried to answer it its just pathetic okay gd day mate

Cucumber is okay for rabbits as a treat. Treats (certain fruits and vegetables) should only be given to rabbits in moderation. A bite or two every couple days is a good guideline. Some rabbits like cucumber -- some love it, especially on a hot summers day when it has just come out of the fridge! Some rabbits don't like cucumber, though. Taste is an individual matter -- in rabbits, just like in humans!

they get exercise by running around freely. not in there cage. its important to let them out once in while .every day maybe every second day.

they can do both they ait shy they will mate in front off you if they are attracted to your rabbit and they might mate when ur walkig your rabbit.. when do you walk your rabbits and how many times a day and for how long

Often they will be feeding or looking for food. Sometimes, though, they will be looking for a mate.

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there are only 2 day every 2 years that they can mate

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its not good to feed rabbits veggies A LOT beacuse it can give them bad nutrtion. i ususally give my bunny a a carrot every other day

feed and water it every day. then let the animal out and roam around

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