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I have read over and over again that it's no longer safe to fly in an air plane after your 2nd trimester because of the air pressure. I am sure it is okay to travel in different forms as long as you are obeying all of the usual safety measures reccomended like wearing your seat belt and everything.

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Q: Is it okay to travel during the third trimester of pregnancy?
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When does your third trimester start during pregnancy?

The third trimester starts at week 28, or 7 months into the pregnancy.

Is it okay to travel during your first trimester?

It fine to travel in the first, second and third trimester.

What happens during the third trimester of pregnancy?

The body organs are developed and refined.

When do babies start breathing rhythmically during pregnancy?

Late in the third trimester.

When does the third trimester begin?

The third trimester begins at 29 weeks of pregnancy

How do pregnant women feel during their second trimester?

This is my third pregnancy, and when you hit your second should be feeling great. .

Is it dangerous to get chickenpox during your third trimester of your pregnancy?

Yes, the baby is already dead.

How does the baby develop during the third trimester of pregnancy?

It grows larger Actually, in the third trimester all you need to do is to let the baby grow to full term.

What changes occur in a fetus during the third trimester of pregnancy?

The organs grow larger. -apex

Which of the following changes takes place during the third trimester of a woman's pregnancy?

Final weight gain

How far along is twenty nine weeks during pregnancy?

29 weeks is considered the third trimester of your pregnancy. There is an average of about 7 weeks left until the child should be born given he or she is born at the end of the third trimester.

Is nausea common in your third trimester of pregnancy?

It usually clears up after the first trimester but its definitely not unheard of in the third

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