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not always. sometimes it is, sometimes it's not. it depends

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How do you get over someone you love even though they cheated on you?

if you know that then why dont you get someone else that really likes you that would never cheat on you

How can you get over someone who you fell in love with even though you are married to someone else and you have now lost them you want to stay with your wife but can not stop pinning for the ex GF?

forget get about them

How can you tell if a guy likes you even though he's dating someone else?

If he chooses to hang out with you over her, if he complains to you about her, if he is nicer to you than he is to her. There are also a lot of varying factors.

How do you get over a girl that is dating someone else?

Go date someone else yourself

Why do you feel angry at your ex husband for dating someone new?

A Possibility Is That You May Not Be Over Him, Even Though Your Scared To Admit It. Another Possible Reason May Be Common Sense, Because Women Automatically Have Jealousy When A Past Lover Is Dating Someone Else, Even If They Don't Love Them Anymore.

How do you get over someone you was not in a relationship with?

Go out with someone else

Who else sang over the rainbow?

Mandy from the grim adventures of billy and mandy. Even though when she sang the world ended.

How do you tell someone that you are in love even though you are in love with someone else?

You cant love too people at the same time :S

What is someone who watches over someone else called?

a babysitter

If you love someone and she married someone else?

I'm so sorry, but I think you need to try to move on. Its in her and your best interest because if in this point in your friendship or whatever you have you confessed your love and she doesn't recipricate, your friendship is most likely over. So even though its going to seem like no one is going to compare to her, you'll find someone else. Start looking soon instead of being depressed over this. good luck

What does Get over someone get under someone else mean?

to 4get abt them nd move on with some1 else

How much has the pollution increased over years?

"not much" is what someone said but its not true i still don't know the answer though, really why would i be here just to answer someone else question?

Can parents charge other adults because their child wants to move in with them in Ontario even though they are over 16?

Charge them for what crime? Just because someone wants to live somewhere else does not mean they are doing something illegal.

What do you do if someone you hate likes you?

tell them to get over you and date someone else.

Is it weird that you fought with your ex's best friend over him flirting with another girl even though we aren't dating and he apparently likes me?

Not at all it just mean's your jealous, and that yes, even though you don't want to admit it you have some feelings for him and you don't like seeing someone else flirting with your "property." If you like him maybe you should make him your best friend again since he likes you before it's too late. If not don't get too worried, flirting with someone else is just his way of trying to get over you sinceyou donn't like him.

What if payee wants to pass on a cheque to someone else?

i have a payee only cheque can i sign it over to someone else

How do you win a girl that is taken?

No body wins when a partner is won over by someone else. If you was to win her over, chances are, someone else could win her over from you. You have to watch out for people like that.

Dreaming in Seeing your x lover with someone else?

You are repressing yourself from getting over him/her and it sounds as though you have not fully come to terms with the split. Try talking this over with the person you have split with.

How do you get over someone you cant have?

Find someone else to care about that also cares about you.

What do you do if someone you love loves someone else?

Get over that person or tell it how you feel.

When someone is trying to get over a loved one with someone else What is it called?


How do you get over an ex when they are falling for someone else?

if you know that then why dont you get someone else that really likes you that would never cheat on you

What if she has a boyfriend?

then get over it, move on and find someone else.

How to get over someone you love?

You can never really get over someone you love. It's just sometimes you have too and there is someone else out there who will love you again.

Is this possible for someone to fall in love again with someone else after a failed love affair of over five years?

Yes it is possible to love someone else even after such a happening. though it will take some time for you to be mentally stable and prepared for another relationship but time makes everything possible. it heals the wound and helps you get over the bitter experiences of life. take it as a lesson, be confident enough, gain your strength and redefine your life.. after all you ought to give life a second chance.. :)

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