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In reality he/she is too old for you by law but if your parents are ok with it then why not

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Under the right conditions a 16 year old can move out in the state of New York. This 16 year old must be emancipated first.

No, not if the parents of the 16 year old approve of it.

No, it is not possible in North America. She will have to be 16 and have parental permission.

If your in the US I don't know but in Canada you can go where ever you want when your 14 years old

No a 16 year old can not legally move out of their parents house, even if they have permission. A 16 year old is still considered a minor and would need to be emancipated to legally move.

a 16 year old can move out of parents house without consent. Yes, with a parents consent only!

If they have been emancipated.

Can you move out at age 16, without parents permition? can a 16year old leave home

A 16-year-old can move out of their parents house in Canada. I'm 16 and I'm living with my boyfriend with no troubles at all. I have talked too the Police, Children's Aid and even a Judge. So, yes, you can move out of your parents house at 16 years old.

you have to be older than 16.. legally

No, and in this situation the adult could be facing possible charges, such as harboring a runaway, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, custodial interference, etc.

Can a 16 year old girl who is pregnant and living in Florida move out without parental permission?

No. The 16 year old is a minor while the 20 year old is an adult. The adult can be charged with rape of a minor.

No, in Georgia a 16 year old is still a minor. Until they are the age of majority, they have to live with their parents.

A 16-year-old cannot move out of their parents' house (assuming of course the parents have custody) without parental consent or being emancipated by the court.

No, in Pennsylvania a minor cannot move out of their parents home until they reach 18 years old. A 16 year old could be considered a runaway if they leave home.

In some European countries it is possible for a 16 year old to buy tobacco, but not others.

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